PPCM self-test

PPCM self-test questions

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Created by Expecting Hearts, Inc. Source-Dr. James Fett; leading PPCM expert, advocate, and researcher. Please note: there is always a possibility of a false negative or false positive, so if in doubt, check with your doctor and ask for the relevant blood tests or echocardiogram. *Fett JD. Validation of a self-test for early diagnosis of heart failure in peripartum cardiomyopathy. Crit Pathw Cardiol 2011;10 (Mar):44-45.

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1. Difficulty breathing while lying down?
2. Shortness of breath on exertion?
3. Unexplained cough?
4. Swelling lower extremities?
5. Excessive weight gain during last month of pregnancy?
6. Palpitations (sensation of irregular heartbeats, skipping beats/racing heart?