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This video provides a comprehensive guide to creating online surveys, polls and research questionnaire using SurveyCrest. It offers great deal of insight into ease-of-use and flexibility SurveyCrest has to present.

Making surveys is fun and with custom-built survey templates, we have made the process easier. Sign-up for a SurveyCrest account, select a pre-designed survey based on your industry or requirement, make edits as required and Voila!! Your survey is ready for publishing.


How Can I Choose a Survey from a Pre-Designed Survey Template?
How Can I Activate My Online Survey
How Can I Delete or Add a Question in a Survey Made from Scratch?
How Can I Organize my Questions or Sections
How Do I Deactivate my Survey
What is a CSV File
Using my Contact List to Publish Survey/Poll
How Can I Add a Logo to my Survey
How Can I Save a Survey or Poll
Setting Closed Survey or Poll Page Content

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