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If you have not created a SurveyCrest account yet, you can signup/login through your Facebook or Google account ID by simply clicking the ‘Sign In’ link and then the ‘Login with Facebook’ (or Google) button. The system will ask for your permission, and once you agree, we create a new SurveyCrest account based on your Facebook or Google email address. This becomes your SurveyCrest username, and a password will be assigned to you.

The next time you visit SurveyCrest, just click the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ (or Google) button to automatically login. 

Passwords can be changed under the ‘My Account’ section through the following steps:

  • Login to SurveyCrest
  • Click ‘My Account
  • In the “Profile” section click on ’Reset’ next to the password label
  • In the new pop up window, enter your new password and retype for confirmation
  • Click ‘Reset password

Yes, you can. In “My Account” section you can edit your registered email ID as well as contact details and email notification settings. To change your registered email ID, click on your existing email ID listed on the left, a popup will open. Enter your new email ID to register with SurveyCrest.  
If you have forgotten your password simply click on “Forgot Password” under the “Sign In” window. You will be prompted to provide your registered email address or username. After filling in your email or username, click on “Reset Password” button. You will get an email with a link to reset your password. Enter your new password, and confirm it. You can now log-in with your new password.  
Regardless of your login credentials, your surveys are accessible via the Dashboard at

You absolutely can. To see a list of websites you can integrate with, go to My Account > Integration. We offer integration with many products and services. To activate special features associated with these products, fill out any necessary information next to each product.
There are two main types of image based selection questions which you can choose from, the image single and the image multiple choice. These questions are most appropriately used when you need to show a picture for each of the options that you want the user to choose from. 

Select image single or image multiple choice from the Question Type drop down menu. Next, to upload the image, click on the ‘please upload image’ option and you can then either select a file from your computer or insert an image URL.  

When you are creating a survey, you have the choice of selecting one of the following questions in the ranking category:

  1. 5 points
  2. 10 points
  3. Net Promoter Score
  4. Star Rating
  5. Order Ranking
  6. Multiple Star Rating

5 Points: The 5 points raking questions can be used when you want the participant or user to rate products or services from poor to excellent.

10 Points: The 10 points ranking can be used when you need to get a detailed answer. These scales are mostly utilized when you want to know the depth of feeling of the participant.

Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score* or “NPS” is a metric commonly used by companies in customer loyalty research. The metric is based on customer answers to the question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague?”

Star Rating: This option can be used for questions where you want to know how the customer rates your product or services.

Order Ranking: The order ranking option is used for questions which have answers that need to be arranged from good to bad or vice versa. For example, if you have a number of products that have similar functions, you can ask your customer to rank them according to their performance.

Multiple Star Rating: This option can be used from the ranking questions type when you want to compare products that have similar functionalities. 

You can customize all four (finish, next, previous and submit) buttons from the launch or personalize survey page. Scroll down on the personalize page, find the Button Text section and customize the four buttons according to your preference. 

Once you have created the questions and sections for your survey on the survey editor, you can manage and organize each of them. At the top right bar of the survey editor, click the four-sided-arrow icon and you will be redirected to a page where you can easily change the order of your questions or sections. 


Use the SurveyCrest ‘Register’ button to create a new account. Simply click on ‘Register’, enter all details (username, password and email) and sign up. You can also create an account using Facebook or your Google email account.
After you have created your account, you can start creating surveys right away.

To begin creating surveys/polls on SurveyCrest, click on “Create Survey” / Create Poll button or from the top navigation tab, and you will be directed to the option of creating a fully customized survey using a “Blank Survey” or create with the help of our “Survey Template”.

The ‘Dashboard’ takes you to a list of the surveys/polls you have created. You can work on those surveys/polls using the following options provided on the Dashboard:

Status: Lets you activate your survey/poll , or change its title, set the start or end date, select survey/poll format, etc.

Edit: This option allows you to edit the logo, theme or general settings of the survey which you have created. 

Personalize: Allows you to enter your company logo and change the theme of the survey/poll.

Publish: Lets you share your activated survey/poll via email, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Responses: Enables you to get the individual response of each user-submitted survey/poll. You can filter it according to the date, section and individual questions and answer types.

Report: Gets the summary of all the responses for your survey/poll. You filter it according to the date, section and individual questions and answer types.

Copy: This option lets you copy a survey/poll in case you need to the run the same survey/poll again. The process is simple. All you need to do is click on the paper icon and the duplicate survey/poll will appear on top.

Transfer: Clicking on this option helps you either transfer the rights of the survey to someone else or copy it elsewhere. 

Delete: Deletes a survey/poll and all the related responses.

A red star on the “Responses” icon on your “Dashboard” indicates that you have new “unchecked” response(s) for your survey/poll. To review, simply click on the “Responses” icon.  
Sometimes technical errors occur because of several reasons. We are here to help. But before you contact us you might want to try the following:

  • Check your browser error by turning off all popup blocker.
  • Our website and surveys are optimized for Internet Explorer 9 or above; try to upgrade browser to this version.
  • Refresh your browser or restart your computer system after you have made all relevant changes.

If you still have a problem, email us at or call us at: 55-752-5504 (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm EST)

A SurveyCrest Quiz is a series of questions. You can create any kind of quiz you want and distribute it to respondents. Each person who takes the quiz receives a score. You have to specify the scoring criteria yourself. Check scoring system for Pass/Fail Quiz and Tally Quiz.


You can create a survey from scratch on SurveyCrest using the following systematic steps:

Step 1 – Click the ‘Create Survey’ link at the top of the page
Step 2 – Select ‘Blank Survey’ option, enter survey title and click "Create Survey" Button
Step 3 – Select a question type from the following:

    Text – comprising ’short’ (for few characters or one liner input), ’long’ (for a few lines of input) and ’huge’ (for lengthy text consisting of several paragraphs)
    Scale Point – consisting of ’5-point’ and ’10-point’ options if you want to get answers on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10
    Net Promoter Score – A single question is asked to gather the data required to calculate your Net Promoter Score.

    Choice – consisting of ’single choice’ for selecting a single item from given options using a radio button, and ’multiple choice’ for selecting more than one item from the given set of options using checkboxes. The ’show other option field’ lets you give a textbox besides given choices to write an answer not mentioned in the options.

    More – lets you choose from ’Drop Down list’, ’Date’, ’Multiple Text Fields’ (for entering multiple replies in text format), ’Matrix Single Option’ (to select one value from a grid/table using a radio button, and ’Matrix Multiple Options’ (for selecting multiple values from grid/table using checkboxes)

Step 4 – Enter a question in the box “Click here to enter question
Step 5 – Enter options for your question if needed.
Step 6 – Click on ‘Add Question’ to add another question to your survey. Repeat steps 3-5 to add the different type of question. You can also add question between questions by clicking on “Add Question”. For example if your question is numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. You can add a question before question number 2 without disturbing the sequence of your question.  

- You can use the ‘Add Logic’ option to show/hide the question based on previous answer.
- You can set any question “required”, if selected users will have to fill that question to submit the survey.
- If you select “Short Text” as question type you can validate the email & numeric data of that field.
- You can use the ‘Add Logic’ option to show/hide the question based on previous answer.
- If you would like to make a question mandatory to be answered by the survey respondent, you can do so by selecting 'required checkbox' to make the specific question response mandatory. if made mandatory, survey respondent will get an alert to answer the question if left blank
- You can associate “video”, “audio” & “image” to the question by selecting the media type from dropdown menu. Here you can enter URL of the video; a SoundCloud link or upload an mp3 audio file; and/or upload an image file.
- You can change the order of the questions by clicking “four-sided-arrow” next to logic button and dragging it above or below any question.
- You can delete any question by clicking “Red” icon on most right of question bar.
Step 7 – Click on ‘Add Section’ to group similar questions or to create a multipage survey.
Step 8
– Click on 'Personalize' button to upload a logo for survey,
-  Change the survey theme by choosing one that is consistent with your company name or preference. 
-  Set “thank you” content for Thank You page when visitors have completed your survey. This can also be customized to direct them to your own site by entering the URL in the field “Thank you page Redirect”. 
- apply randomize questions feature on survey form.
Step 9 – Click on ‘Preview’ to view the survey as final output or click on ‘Print’ survey to print it
Step 10 – One survey creation done, Click on ‘Activate’ button to activate the survey, click on checkbox set name, start date, end date & select survey format to run survey as single page or multipage/section wise.

Simply click on the question, it will give you a check mark and cross at the end of the question. Simply, click on cross mark to delete it.
Every time you click on any of the questions it saves your survey/poll design up to that point. There isn’t any ’Save’ button separately. If you logout and login later, you can find your saved survey/poll under the ‘Surveys List’ section on your Dashboard.

You can then pick up where you have left off by clicking the ‘Edit’ icon. This will open up the ‘Edit Survey/Poll’ page showing you all of saved questions, pages, and settings.
Step 1 – Click the ‘Create Survey’ tab at the top of the page
Step 2 – Select the option ‘Survey Template”. It lets you select from our pre-designed survey forms that you can customize as per your needs.
Step 3 – Click on ‘Continue to Edit” if it is the one you wanted.

A “Question Option” is the option type that you want to have for your survey/poll question. This can be text type, multiple choice, scale ranking, drop down menu and others etc. Choose the question option that is most suitable for your question for the type of response you are searching for.
In your Survey Editor, you can add a question in a blank survey, or add more questions to an existing survey template. By clicking on “Add Question”, a blank question with option to “Click here to enter a question” will be created. Simply type your question and choose the option for its response.
You can “Add Question” between question sequence or at the end of a section or add at the end after the pre-existing questions.

Our Question Library is a feature in our Survey Editor that lists all types of questions created in our survey templates. You can add as many questions as you like to your blank or template survey, by simply choosing pre-made questions from the library. Once you have opened the Question Library, you can add multiple questions by check marking the boxes on the left, or add individual questions by using the + Add link. 
You may choose to divide your survey into multiple sections dedicated to a particular aspect of your research. For example a survey on “Social Media Usage” can have subsections of questions related to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ etc.

Begin by giving a title to your first section. When you have finished with questions related to this section, divide it by clicking on “Add a Section” for subsequent ones and give title to them accordingly.

Yes, it is possible. To create one question per page, you can create multiple sections and add question to each section. Then go to Launch > Activate > Survey Format> Section/Pagewise.
Piping feature allows you to control the wording by automatically including the answer choice as part of a question. You can also pass a previously selected answer as a new answer choice into a follow-up question. This feature makes designing a survey easy! It also helps respondents feel more comfortable when answering your survey.

Click on “Piping” button and follow these steps

  • Pipe Question: Select this option to use answer of this question in your question title
  • Pipe Into Options: Select this option to use answer of this question in your answer options
  • Add “[answer]” without quotes in your question or option to show the above answer in your question/options
Piping only works with a previous question already in the survey.

The skip logic option allows you to show/hide a question using “Add Logic” button. This option only works with “options” type questions. When you add skip logic to your questions sequence, the questions are invisible because it will show/hide based on the selection you have defined in the Survey Editor.
Most survey respondents like to remain anonymous when they fill our surveys. However, you can still get their personal information for tabulation purposes by adding a section on personal information. We recommend you to refrain from asking for:

  • Identity related questions like name, social security number, address, workplace etc.
  • Age, gender, race, religion related questions unless the goal is to find out statistics related to them.

MailChimp is an email marketing management service which allows you to mass market your campaign or project efficiently. If you have an account with MailChimp, then all you need is to install its API.

First get the MailChimp API from your account at by going to Account Settings> Extras> API Keys. If you cannot find your API key, then you need to create one by clicking on “Create a Key” button. Simply copy the “API Key”.

Then login to your account at On the Dashboard click on the survey/poll you want to mass email using MailChimp. Go to Launch> Publish> Invite Users by MailChimp. Here simply paste the API Key which you have copied from MailChimp, and click on “Update API Key”.

Once done, you can start sending out invite emails through MailChimp contacts by clicking on “Publish” in the same tab.

You can split a sequence of questions in a section by clicking on “Split a Section”. What this does is that it will split one section into two separate sections. After splitting a section, you can name it and arrange your questions accordingly. This tool is useful for adding subsections or subtopics to your surveys.
Yes! When you have activated survey/poll questionnaire you can start sending out invites to responders by going to Launch> Publish> Email Campaign.

Here you will have the option of importing your contacts list, adding contacts individually, and sending a customized email invites to your responders. In the “Invite” tab, simply add email addresses by clicking on “Add New Recipient” or select the responders you want to send emails to from a pre-imported list (via Address Book) by clicking on “Select Recipient”, then “Send

You can send out email invites in bulk which will be then robotically sent out in batches (say 25 invites each batch) if the total number of recipient is large (say around 100 or more recipients).

To keep track of the number of invites sent, click on “Invites Status” tab. Your campaigns and the number of email invites sent are listed here. You can view their status, whether invites have been sent out or not. The auto-sender works in batches, hence check the status of email recipients after a few minutes after “Send”.

You can easily copy a question in your Survey Editor by clicking on the small paper icon above each question. Once you click on it, a duplicate question will appear right below the one you want to copy. You can then edit it as per your requirements.

The “show other” option appears below the single choice and multiple choice questions in the Survey Editor. Clicking on this provides an “other” option where respondents can insert an answer which is not covered by the options you have provided.

Survey Editor, all you need to do is click on the small pencil icon right beneath your section title.

1. Go to survey editor, in question toolbar click on start icon show you confirm box to set a question as a favorite question in question library.

2. Add question from favorite question library in new or exist survey, go to and click add button of selected question.

We offer over a dozen types of survey questions. The most popular are multiple choice questions, but different question types serve different purposes. Before adding question in your survey, you may able to get demo of questions types.

Steps to view questions examples:

1. Go to survey editor, click on “?” mark near question type label.

2. It will show you popup. Get demo of individual question by clicking on individual question type in left sidebar.

We welcome your compliments, complaints and suggestions. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our information, products and services.

The purpose of this form is to collect feedback from clients about their interaction with the SurveyCrest.

1. To submit a feedback you need to login, after login click the feedback link at the footer of website. 

2. Give a title, description and choose a category for the new feedback. 

3. Click to submit.

To find out how to show or hide the question numbers in a survey, follow the steps below : 

1. Go to Publish > Launch > Personalize > Options > Hide Question Numbers.

2. Select the checkbox next to Hide Question Numbers to hide numbering. Alternatively, deselect the checkbox to show numbering.

3. Click Save button to confirm any changes.
Go to the SurveyCrest homepage, click on the “Create Survey” button.

Click on the “Create Quiz” option that appears in the drop-down menu.

(You can also use the “Create Survey” option located at the top of the page. It works in the same way as the main button)

After you click on it, a new “Create Quiz” screen will appear

Type in the title of your SurveyCrest Quiz, choose the quiz type (Pass/Fail or Tally) and click on the “Create Quiz” button.

Learn how the Pass/Fail or Tally quizzes work. Don’t worry too much about the right option, you can change it later on if you like.

After clicking, you will be prompted to Login to SurveyCrest.

Enter the username and password associated with your SurveyCrest account. If you don’t have an account click on the Register button to get access, it only takes a minute.

After you have logged in, the Quiz Editor screen will appear.

This is your main control panel. From here, you can add questions, set up scoring criteria, activate your quiz, analyze results and much more. 
SurveyCrest allows you to create two different types of quizzes, Pass/Fail or Tally. Both have a different scoring system that lets you evaluate the participants’ knowledge in unique ways. 

The differences are described below. Don’t worry if you pick the wrong one, you can change the Quiz Type later on.

1.Pass/Fail Quiz

This is like a typical pop quiz. Each question has only one correct answer, which counts as +1 points. The final scores are added and checked against a specified percentage. Any participant scoring above (or equal to) the percentage is declared as “Pass”, if not then is categorized as “Fail”.

Find more details about how the Pass/Fail scoring system works.

2.Tally Quiz

A Tally quiz lets you assign different points to each answer option. All points are added (or averaged) and compared to different score ranges (for example, 0-60, 61-69, 70-85, 85-100). Each range displays a different result to the participant.

Find more details about how the Tally Quiz scoring system works.
In the Quiz Editor screen, go to the “Create” tab and type in all your questions one by one. 

These steps will guide you through the process.

a) Select “Question Type” from the drop-down menu. Usually, the Short Text type works best for most situations. 

b) Use the “Click here to enter question” option, type out your question in the box that appears, and click the green check button to save your question.

c) If you don’t want the participant to skip the question, check the “Required” option.

d) Use the Multimedia option to upload images, embed videos (YouTube + Vimeo), audio, Slideshare slides, Google Maps, etc. with your question.

e) Repeat the process for each new question

You can group similar questions under a “Section” if you want. Enter a short description for each “Section” using the “Add Description” feature. 

Click on the “Quiz Settings” button located at the end of the “Quiz Editor”. A popup will appear, select the quiz type you are using and specify a pass percentage. 

You can specify an answer key here. Simply check the checkbox next to the right answer. Repeat this for each question and you are done. The Pass or Fail status of the participant is decided according to the percentage you have set up in the “Percent Correct to Pass” section.

You can also display a custom Passing/Failing message to you respondents. If you want the right answer to be displayed after the result, check the “Show correct answers to questions that were answered incorrectly” option.

Click on the “Quiz Settings” button located at the end of the “Quiz Editor”. A popup will appear, select the quiz type as “Tally”, and specify the scoring system—addition or average.

In this case, you also have to assign points to each answer option. Please note only positive numbers are applicable here. Decimals are allowed, but make sure you specify the ranges in decimal as well.

Once you are done, set up the scoring criteria by specifying ranges. Be careful your choices for two ranges don’t overlap, for example, 0-10 and 10-11 is not correct, use 0-10, 11-20, and so on. A maximum of 10 ranges can be set up.

Specify what message you want to display if the participant scores within a particular range.

How do I display the final scores of a SurveyCrest Quiz to the participants?Final quiz scores need to change according to each participant’s answers. A quick way to manage this is to use merge codes. These simple formulas change as the score changes. You can use the following merge codes to display results inside the quiz score message.

(These merge codes apply to both kinds of SurveyCrest Quizzes)

Merge Code



Displays the score within the quiz score message


Displays the total number of questions within the quiz score message


Displays the total number of questions answered correctly within the quiz score message


Displays the total number of questions answered incorrectly within the quiz score message

The following examples show the results of using merge codes:

a) Results of a Pass/Fail Quiz

b) Results of a Tally Quiz

c) Correct Answers and Total Number of Questions

You can add (Audio,Image,Youtube video, Vimeo video , Slideshare , Text & Google Map) features in survey/poll/form/quiz.

To find out " Multimedia" option, follow the steps below : 

Go to SurveyCrest > Dashboard > Survey > Edit


Once you are done making your survey/poll, go to Launch> Activate.  Update the title of the survey/poll and select the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ of the survey/poll. You can also change the survey format by selecting ‘single page survey’  for a single-page or ‘section/page wise’ for a block-wise or paged survey.

You can personalize your survey/poll URL by inserting your company name, survey title or name or a reference number. This will become your unique survey/poll URL.

Once done, click on Activate & Publish Survey/Poll’.

The random question feature is a great way to display random choice of questions in a survey. Ideal for surveys that may be taken more than once by the same person, making sure that they don’t answer the same questions in sequence every time. Just add several questions to a page and every time the survey is published, a single question is displayed randomly.
The public feature allows you to keep your survey/poll questionnaires either public or private if searched through a search engine. If you want to keep your surveys/poll private and have designed them for internal use only, make your survey/poll private so it cannot be searched through a search engine.
 If your survey/poll has confidential response data that you fear might be compromised while the response is sent, enable the SSL feature to add more security to your survey/poll URL and the data that is transmitted when a survey/poll response is filled and sent.
Captcha is an added security feature that you can incorporate in your survey/poll and ensure that it is not filled by robots. To enable it, you need to go to Launch > Personalize > Response Page Settings > Enable Captcha.  When your responders access your survey/poll, they will have to fill in the correct Captcha displayed to proceed further with the survey/poll.
Captcha is a relatively better way to get rid of SPAM. If you are sending your survey/poll to a large audience and through open forums, we recommend adding the Captcha as this will keep spam data away from your survey/poll responses and you will get responses from real users.
The Auto-submit feature saves the data as it is submitted. You don’t need to worry and have to necessarily complete the survey in a single go. If you have a lot of questions to be added to your survey and need intervals to get the survey completed, no need to worry, our auto submit feature will save data on the go.
If you have a lot of questions in your survey, and you feel informing the respondents well before and show the progress as he/she completes your survey, then showing the progress bar will benefit you as the respondents would know how much time they need to spent completing your survey.

You can prevent your survey/poll from having duplicate responses by the same people by enabling this feature based on IP or through a browser cookie. Go to Launch> Personalize > Duplicate Response Protection. The three options which you can choose from are:

None: users can send multiple responses from the same browser.

IP Based: users can send a single response from same the same IP.

Restrict by Cookie: users can send single response from the same computer 
If you want to get responses from selected users of a group OR protect your survey/poll, enable password protection on your survey/poll, and email the respondents that you wish to respond to your survey/poll the password. The respondents will only be able to respond to survey/poll after entering the password you provide.
Users will be able to access your survey/poll using a link. You can customize this link as you like by going to Launch> Activate.

You can also share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Or you can use your “Address Book”. You can also find this option on the ‘Dashboard’. You can even embed a survey/poll on your company’s website.
A CSV (comma separated) file can be created for a list of email addresses separated by comma format. You can create a CSV file by using MS Excel file, and upload it via the “Add Email by CSV” feature under the Launch > Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book tab. Make sure, when you create your email CSV file, it has a proper header like “Email” or “E-mail” and all email addresses of your contacts listed under it. This will allow our “robot” to read the file correctly.
Survey/Poll questions cannot be edited after it has been launched or activated. You may, however, edit it by de-activating your survey/poll. After making the required editing, you may activate it again.
On your Dashboard, under the “Status” header, click on the “Play” icon. This will take you to the Activate tab, where you can choose to “Deactivate & Edit Survey/Poll”. If you want to resume the survey/poll at any other time, simply click on “Activate”.
Once your survey/poll is activated, you can publish it using different mediums as follows:

  • Email Campaign: You can send email link of your survey/poll using Email Campaign tab to invite responders through email addresses. You can also upload your selected “Address Book” to upload contact list.
  • Social Media: You can choose any social media platform to share your survey/poll link. You can also choose to install a Facebook Application to link your survey/poll.
  • Embed in Website:
  1. You can open your survey/poll using iFrame by simply copy pasting the code to embed in a frame in your website.
  2. You may also use the Overlay Link option by copy pasting the code on to your website and the user simply click on the named link to have the survey/poll popup in a window.
  3. You may embed codes in your website that will allow respondent to fill a survey/poll in new tab or upon closing the existing one.
  • Facebook Application: You can install SurveyCrest’s Facebook Application onto your Facebook page. Click on “Facebook Application” to install it by giving your credentials and choosing a page you want to install the Application on. Follow the instruction as prompted. For details how to set up, read here ( Read More )
  • Share Web Link: You can share your survey/poll by creating a web link as well to be used in a website, blog or anywhere else online.
  • QR Code: Your respondent can access the survey/poll using QR codes
  • MailChimp: You can invite respondents by inviting them using your MailChimp API code and mass publishing your survey/poll
You can create your survey/poll and it will remain on our server for unlimited time duration.
SurveyCrest lets you customize and personalize your survey/poll according to your requirements for ease of use as well as for protection of your survey/poll information. The following are response settings that you can opt for. In your survey/poll go to Launch> Personalize, and check mark the ones that you want to enable:

  • Randomize Questions: This feature will randomize the question sequence which you have created in your survey to ensure that no one survey responder answers the same way.
  • Public: You can choose to keep your survey/poll private for a group of responders only, or you can make it public so that anyone can take your survey/poll.
  • Enable SSL: This will ensure that the data in your survey/poll is secured by enabling the security of your survey/poll URL, and the information it generates to be sent to you.
  • Show Social Media: If you would like your responders to share the survey/poll after they have completed it, enable this feature so they can share via social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn etc.
  • Enable Captcha: Enable this feature if you are sending your survey/poll to a large audience and don’t want to receive spam responses. It secures your survey/poll from spammers.
  • Enable Auto-Submit: Enable this if you want a user to automatically submit partially filled survey or accidentally closes their window. 
  • Show Progress Bar: Survey responders are usually impatient. Showing a progress bar will assure that the survey is progressing and when it is nearing its end.
  • Show Google Translator: If your audience speak foreign language(s), enable this button so that they can translate your survey/poll into their particular language using Google Translate.
  • Forward to Friend: Enable forwarding option so that after the user has completed the survey/poll to widen the circle of responders.
  • Duplicate Response Protection: Prevent your survey/poll from having duplicate responses from the same people by enabling this feature based on IP or through a browser cookie.
  • Password Protection: You can protect your survey/poll by enabling and entering a password. You can give your responders the password so that when they click on the survey/poll link they will be prompted to enter it.

You can add and manage your contact list by going to Launch> Publish > Address Book. Here you can add your contacts listed and saved in a CSV file by clicking on “Add Email by CSV”. A popup window will open; select the CSV file you want to upload.

You can also add individual contacts with details by clicking on “Add New Email”. A popup window will open where you can enter your contact details in multiple fields.

Once you have a list of contacts you can arrange them by categories, like school, work, social or friends contacts. You can add more as and when you like by clicking on “Add New Category”.

You can publish a survey/poll by sharing the survey/poll URL via social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr etc.  You can do so when you go to Launch> Publish> Social Media, and choose Facebook. This allows you to publish your survey/poll URL anywhere and on anyone of your social media account.

Or, you can install our Facebook Application onto your Facebook page that you manage. 
Go to Launch> Publish > Social Media and install it  from the Facebook app link.

This Application allows you to customize the type of survey(s)/poll(s) you want to launch on a specific Facebook page, and who can access it. You have control over the following options when you install our Facebook Application on your page:

FanGate: You may create a FanGate onto Facebook page. This means that visitors will have to “Like” your page before they can view or access your page content.  Instead, you can customize your Facebook page to engage your visitors with an image uploaded with specific information, URL to your site or an HTML code. By clicking on the “Like” button they will then be able to view the page’s content. 

Main Content:
You can also choose to engage your fans with a creative image on your fan page header by enabling it. One way is to set your survey/poll URLs in the main content that you want your visitors to take. Simply enter the unique survey/poll URL in the box, and a title to be displayed on the header image. If you wish, you can also set the tab height for better view.

On your page you can enable a SurveyCrest share option with a customized text message and look.

Insert an attractive “Share Title” for your visitors to entice their friends and colleagues to take the survey/poll. Enter a brief text message that will appear under the title when the survey/poll is shared. You can customize the message that will appear when your visitors have clicked on the “Share” button. Upload an image to make your survey/poll stand out.

Once done, save these settings so that your survey go live with the new message and look.

Analytics: If you have Google Analytics, simply enter the code here and click “Save” so that your survey/poll visitor activities on the Facebook page can also be monitored.

SurveyCrest lets you personalize your survey/poll by selecting a theme. Go to Launch> Personalize > Theme. To set a theme, make sure you are on the personalize section by clicking on the paper icon on the right. You will then see a drop down menu titled ‘theme’ which you can browse through to find one which matches your profile. 

You can change the message which appears when someone tries to access your survey/poll after it has expired. Go to Go to Launch > Personalize. On the personalize page, scroll down to “Message for Closed Survey/Poll” and type your message.

Yes, you can. The option is available on the personalize page. Go to Launch > Personalize > Custom URL. Click on the small pencil icon where it says “Custom URL” and add the desired extension.
You can use a custom variable with survey/poll, Goto "personalize" page, enter parameters in "custom field".
You will then be able to see the information you require in the response page with respondent details.

Follow these steps to add a logo to your survey/poll

Step 1: Click on Launch Survey once you have entered the questions for your survey

Step 2: Under personalize survey, you can either upload a logo or enter a logo URL address

Step 3: Next, choose your logo position from left, center or right

You also have the option of including a hyperlink to your logo which will take your customer to the mentioned URL when they click on the image. 

Here is how you can easily move several surveys into a folder:

Step 1: Once you are on the dashboard, you will see an ‘All Surveys/Polls’ drop down menu. Click on the folder where you had previously placed the surveys and click manage.

Step 2: After you have been redirected to the new page, click organize and you will be presented with the surveys/polls in that folder. Select the ones you want to move and select the folder where you want to place them from the option below and click ‘move’.

You have now moved several surveys from one folder to the next. 

Step 1: Go to Launch on your survey and click on personalize page

Step 2: Under the Thank You content box, there is “Custom Field” which is used to handle custom variables.

Step 3: The custom field can be used to over-ride or pass a predefined variable or information according to your preference. 

By transferring a survey or poll, you will be giving the individual the full right over it. However, the ‘copy’ option will only help in copying the structure of the questionnaire to the other user.  

If you want to transfer or copy the rights of a survey or poll to another user, follow these steps 

  1. Go to your dashboard 
  2. From the panel, click the transfer feature of the survey which want to transfer 
  3. Click ‘transfer’ and choose the transfer or copy option 
  4. Type in the user name and email of the person you want to transfer ownership to and click ‘submit’. 

The save and continue option is for anyone who wants to come back to responding to the survey at a later time or wants to fill it once they're free. Through this option, your respondents can save the form they have filled and come back to it using an email link. You can enable this option for your own survey in this way 
  1. Go to your dashboard and select the survey where you want to make the changes 
  2. Click launch 
  3. Click the personalize option on the far right of the survey 
  4. Scroll down to ‘response page settings’ and select Save & Continue 
Yes, you can time your surveys so the respondent only has a set number of minutes to answer all the questions in the survey. This option is ideal for timed tests and you can enable it in the following way. 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select the survey where you want to make the changes 
  2. Click launch 
  3. Click the personalize option on the far right of the survey 
  4. Scroll down to ‘response page settings’ and select Timer 
  5. Enter the number of minutes you are allowing for the survey to be completed 
If you want the respondent to view a website or page once he/she has ended the survey, you can add a link by following these steps. 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select the survey where you want to make the changes 
  2. Click launch 
  3. Click the personalize option on the far right of the survey 
  4. Scroll down to ‘response page settings’ and select Exit URL Link 
  5. Enter the address which you want your respondent to follow 
When you select the option for an anonymous survey, information about the respondent’s geo location, IP address etc. will not be stored. What this basically means is that there will be no respondent tracking so you will only have access to their forms data. If you want to make your survey anonymous, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select the survey where you want to make the changes 
  2. Click launch 
  3. Click the personalize option on the far right of the survey 
  4. Scroll down to ‘response page settings’ and select Anonymous Survey 
  5. Scroll down and click Save & Launch 

Business card hopes to provide an easy way to make printable business cards. Once you're done creating your custom business card design, simply click the "Download Card PDF" button, and a PDF document will be created of your printable business cards. Unlike other free business card software, our Business Card Maker allows you to make business cards online.

Steps to make your business cards:

1. Login to your account at On the Dashboard click on the survey/poll/form you want to create business card. Go to Launch> Publish> Business Card.

2. Enter the information you wish to include on your business cards.

3. Before you download you may be able to see preview of that business card by click on preview button. After preview it show you “Download Card PDF” button.

4. You will get a business card in form of PDF file by click on “Download Card PDF” button.
A survey RSS-Feed is a way for you to give out a single URL, embed that URL in your site to publish frequently updated information.

How to Enable Survey RSS Feed?

1. Go to Analyze > Response

2. Enable RSS-Feed by toggling ON & OFF

3. Copy the given link for your survey feed into your blog or website.
Eventbrite helps you easily organize contacts or allows you to add attendees as contacts within your e-mail invites.

How It Works:

1. Log into your Eventbrite account, and click account tab located in dropdown of top menu bar.
2. Click on “API User Key” link in the left sidebar of developer section and copy your “API User Key “

3. Login to SurveyCrest
4. Go to My Account > Integrations

5. Set your “API User Key” of eventbrite.
6. Go to Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book > Import emails from Eventbrite 

7. Click on “Import from Eventbrite” will show you list of names.

8. Select the category and list name you want to import contacts.
9. Click on “Import Contacts” button.

You can import your Google account emails into surveycrest for publish survey.

1. Go to Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book > Import emails from Gmail 

2. Login into GMAIL.
3. Accept permission 
4. It will show you list of Gmail contacts.

5. Select emails and click on insert button to add contacts in your surveycrest address book.
You can import your Yahoo account emails into surveycrest for publish survey.

1. Go to Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book > Import emails from Yahoo

2. Login into YAHOO.
3. Accept permission 
4. It will show you list of yahoo contacts.

5. Select emails and click on insert button to add contacts in your surveycrest address book.
You can import your Hotmail account emails into surveycrest for publish survey.

1. Go to Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book > Import emails from Hotmail

2. Login into HOTMAIL.
3. Accept permission.
4. It will show you list of Hotmail contacts.

5. Select emails and click on insert button to add contacts in your surveycrest address book.
You can import your Salesforce account emails into SurveyCrest for publish survey.

1. Go to Publish > Email Campaign > Address Book > Import emails from Salesforce

2. Login into salesforce.
3. Accept permission.
4. It will show you list of Salesforce contacts.

5. Select emails and click on insert button to add contacts in your surveycrest address book.
In order can-spam compliant or to publish survey/form/poll by mail you must need to give complete profile information in " My Account ". 

To find out how to show " Send Button " in a " Email Campaign " , follow the steps below : 

1. Go to SurveyCrest > My Account  > Profile 

2. Give complete profile information  

3. Go to Publish > Launch > Publish > Email Campaign .


Go to your ‘Dashboard’ and under the ‘Responses’ column, click on the icon for the particular survey/poll. You will get results of all the responses submitted by users in a paginated layout. To check on responses to other surveys/poll, you can click on next/previous.

You can easily change your notification setting by going to My Account > Notification. SurveyCrest notifications are divided into two parts for your convenience. One section deals with all the alerts related to your survey/poll while the other deals with the notifications which are related to response. Just choose the ones you would like to activate. 
When you click on your survey’s/poll's icon in the ‘Responses’ column in your ‘Dashboard’, you will get grouped responses for each question. You can review these in detailed reports in the “Analyze” section. You can also review responses of individual questions. 

Alternatively, to get your survey/poll report, click on the particular survey/poll, then go to Analyze> Report> and choose the type of report, graphical or numerical, that you want to see or download.
Go to the ‘Dashboard’ and click on the icon for the particular survey/poll under the ‘Report’ column. There will be a ‘Print Summary’ button. You can click that to print the summary of responses for your survey/poll.
Yes. Go to ‘Responses’ column in your ‘Dashboard’, or click on Analyze > Responses tab, a form will open up where you can search the responses and results according to your specific criteria.

Choose to filter the responses according to individual questions or collectively by clicking on the sub tabs. You can “Fetch Data” according:
  • Question
  • Comparison
  • Question options
  • Respondent’s ID
  • IP Address of respondent
  • Particular term in the survey/poll
  • Date
*For multiple choice option questions, results for mean, standard deviation, variance and standard deviation errors are also shown.

You can view results in tabulated or graphical format by clicking on “See graph” on the right.

You can share the responses in hard copy by clicking on “Print Summary”.

If you want a soft copy then you can click on “Export to Googledocs” but you need to verify your Google account once before using this feature.

You can “Download” your responses in any format you want like Excel, CSV, PDF or Word.

You may also share the report by clicking on the “share” icon on the right.
SurveyCrest now allows you to find data related to location as well by setting up and filtering data connected with IP addresses.
Once your survey/poll is complete its time duration for responders to fill in, you can generate a report for the responses you have received. This can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF or Word. Go to Dashboard > Report, fill the type of data you want to export and click on “Fetch Data”. Once data is fetched, you can export to any of the above format file as you like.
Usually, depending on the list of your contacts, it takes 2-4 hours for our system to complete sending the email list. You can check the status of emails sent out by going to Launch > Publish and check the counter.
You can edit the time frame of survey/poll by going to your Dashboard > Status. This will take you to the Activate page where you can edit and extend the time frame of your survey/poll.
Yes, you can. You can personalize the look of your survey/poll with different themes, a customized Thank You page, a URL redirect to your own website, and/or customize a message for closed survey/poll. You can also insert your company logo. Simply go to Launch> Personalize and choose the type of personalization you want for your survey/poll.

You can also customize your survey/poll URL by going to Launch> Activate and giving a unique title to your online survey/poll. This could be your company name, a reference number or title of your survey/poll.

Yes, we do. Currently we offer only statistical analysis for multiple choice option type questions. The numeric results are published in the reports under the responses of the questions.
Once your survey/poll is complete the time duration for responders to fill in, you can generate a report for the responses you have received. This can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF, Word or choose to export to Google Docs. Go to Dashboard > Report, fill the type of data you want to export and click on “Fetch Data”. Once data is fetched, you can export to any of the above format file as you like.

Go to Analyze > Response. You can see the download file history for your response by clicking on the “show download files” tab next to the export button.

Alternately, go to Analyze > Report and follow the same process to see the download history for your reports.

Yes, there is. If you intend to use your survey/poll report presented in a graphical format, choose the particular survey/poll from the Dashboard, then go to Analyze> Report> Graph. Here you will see the option to “Export Infographic”, click on it.

Alternatively, on the right hand side, a small drop down menu will give you the options of printing the whole graphic report or downloading it in PNG, PDF, JPG, and SVG formats.

Go to Launch > Personalize > Thank You Page Content. You can set content for your “thank you page” by typing into the text box. This message will appear when visitors have completed your survey/poll. This can also be customized to direct them to your own site by entering the URL in the field “thank you page redirect”.

When you go to Analyze > Response, you have two options to view your survey/poll response. You can either see the responses for each survey/poll by going through them individually through the collective response tab, or you can view all the responses compiled next to the question through the questions tab.

You can view your report in the form of a simple summary or through a graph summary when you go to Analyze > Report. You can also download a detailed infographic from the graph report.

Go to Analyze > Response. You can easily export your response to Dropbox by clicking on “Export”. After clicking on “Export”, choose “Authenticate Dropbox” and then “Export to Dropbox” once the authentication is complete. 

Alternately, go to Analyze > Report and follow the same process to export your report to Dropbox.

SurveyCrest lets you see the geographic location of your responses. You can view it by going to Analyze > Report > Map. The map will display which country your responses came from.

You can use the response comment field to add or edit comments for each of the responses that you have received. Go to analyze and click on response to access this feature. 

You can hide your survey title by going to launch, clicking activate and unchecking the ‘show title’ box.

You can search your respondent data using browser OS, city, country or custom data fields by simply entering the values and clicking on the fetch data button. 

Once one or more of your survey’s forms have been filled, you can edit the responses by going through these steps. 

  1. Go to your dashboard and select the survey where you want to make the changes 
  2. Click analyze  
  3. Click the response option which is next to the report on the far right 
  4. Scroll down and click the pencil or edit option which is next to the bin 
  5. You will be redirected to the form which was filled by the respondent and you can make your changes here  

Payment Collection with Stripe:

The Survey stripe payment type allows you to set up an order or donation form for purchasers to select various products and services and submit a payment! We've integrated with Stripe to bring you this commonly requested feature!

Stripe Integration Setup:

1. Sign up for a new Stripe account at (or login to your existing Stripe account).
2. You'll receive activation instructions in your inbox but you can get started right away in Test mode.
3. On your Stripe Dashboard, go to Your Account > Account Settings.
4. Go to the API Keys tab and copy both the Test Secret Key and Test Publish Key.

5. Login to SurveyCrest and go to Publish > Stripe.
6. Click on the Stripe icon and paste your Secret Key, Publishable Key and set Currency.

7. Click Update. You'll see a success message if your keys were valid!
8. Go to the survey editor, click on dollar icon in question toolbar and assign your amounts to your questions.

9. Testing your payment, first ensure that you have set up the Stripe integration using your Test API Keys. After then run the survey and you will see screen like this.

10. After submitting form you will lead to payment page. 

11. Click on “Pay with Card” button will show you payment popup box, fill and submit if you want to pay given amount

Setup Skip/Disqualify Logic for Disqualified Respondents

If a respondent doesn't meet your targeting criteria or consent to your terms, you can disqualify them from the survey using Skip/Disqualification Logic.
Using Skip/Disqualification Logic allows you to route respondents based on their answer to a question. You can choose to allow respondents who answer a certain way to  continue through the survey, or you can exit respondents from the survey based on their answer.

Disqualification Logic

To add logic to disqualify respondents:To add logic to disqualify respondents:

1. Add a Multiple OR Single Choice question to the survey.

2. Click on “Skip/Disqualify Logic” link in bottom of page.

3. It will show you page logic popup.

4. Select question & answer choices for disqualify a respondent. 
5. Choose between a disqualified message or redirecting respondents to a webpage. 

You can only select one disqualification option per collector. If you have multiple answer choices in the survey that can disqualify a respondent, they'll all see the same disqualification option, no matter what question actually disqualified them.

Word Cloud allow you to display words or responses as a text graphic with the most common value written in the largest text. They are popular for text analysis because they make it easy to spot word frequencies. The more frequent the work is used, the larger and bolder it is displayed and where the font size and color represent the relative frequency of different terms.

Use the ClickTale Integration to collect and analyze how your respondents interact with your survey. Click Tale’s analytics service is qualitative and provides a video playback option for each individual visitor's session. You may see user behavior before they changed their answer, or how they
navigated about the survey. This sort of information can help you to redesign and optimize your survey to its potential.

What kind of data can you track?

1. Where your respondent’s mouse goes even if they don't click
2. Record data even if they never click submit or other button. 
3. You can even track if your respondent wrote something into your survey, then deleted it and replaced
4. Full recordings of your visitors' every movement.

ClickTale account set up:

1. You need to sign up or login into ClickTale account.
2. Click on the projects option on the left hand side of the screen after login.
3. Click on Create a new project, and then get started on the next page.
4. Now, put in your site domain “” select the project name and website category. Once all this is done, click next.

5. Set the Estimated Traffic Page views/Day , Your Recording Ratio, Secure Pages and IP Blocking
6. After set up your ClickTale project, ClickTale will provide you  tracking codes that you will need to copy and paste into the and  leaving ClickTale  account open so you can easily access your tracking codes.
7. Go to SurveyCrest > My Account  > Integrations > ClickTale

8. Copy & paste tracking codes in given fields. Once all this is done, click update.
9. Go to Launch> Personalize > Options > Interaction Analytics.  Enable ClickTale & Save it.

Respondent’s locations will show you number of responses came from which country.

1. Go to Analyze > Report. You can see the MAP button next to the Print button.

2. Click on MAP button to see respondent’s locations.

The Facebook Comment box lets people comment on surveys using their Facebook profile and shows this activity to their friends in news feed.

1. Go to Launch> Personalize > Options > Facebook comment.  Save it.

2. Go to survey view.

To see preview of "Thankyou page" , follow the steps below : 

1. Go to Publish > Launch > Personalize > Customize

2. Clicking on "preview" will show you "  Thankyou page "  in popup.   


Businesses need to issue invoices for every transaction they make. Automating invoice creation can save lots of time and effort. The SurveyCrest Invoice tool is a free customizable billing template that you can issue to your clients or customers. You can specify all payment details such as products/services, quantities, price etc. 
Go to the SurveyCrest homepage, click on the “Create Survey” drop-down, and choose the “Create Invoice” option.

A log in pop up will appear. Use your SurveyCrest account to sign in. If you don’t have an account simply, register using a valid email address.

If you are a new user, you will see the “Settings” tab. This is where you can enter your business information. 

Yes. The first time you use the SurveyCrest Invoice tool you will have to input basic information such as the name of your company, business address, and other required data. This information will be included in any invoice you create.

You can enter or update any of the business information by using the “Business Info” form under the “Settings” tab. Click the “Save” button to save or apply changes.
You can upload your official logo in the “Business Info” form or the “New Invoice” form. 
The logo uploaded in the “Business Info” is the default logo that will be displayed on every invoice you send out. If you want to display a different logo on a specific invoice, upload this image when creating the invoice in the “New Invoice” form.
The “Settings” tab is a section of the control panel. It lets you enter, update, and save basic business information. You can save your company name, address, legal terms, conditions, invoice number, and more. This information works as a template for your any invoices you create.
The “My Invoices” tab lists all invoices you have created. For each invoice, you will see the invoice number, customer, payable amount, due date and the status. The option to create a new invoice is also accessible from this screen.

Open the My Invoices tab and click the green “New Invoice” button.

The “New Invoice” screen will be displayed. Fill out the required information and once you are done, save the invoice by clicking on the “Save as Draft” button at the end. You can also send the new invoice to the customer without leaving the screen by clicking on “Send”.
You can create a list of all the products or services you offer by using the “Products/Services” tab.

Click on “New Product” and type in the required information. Click on “Save” and your product list will be updated.

Once you have added your products, they will appear as a list on the “Products/Services” screen.

Open the “New Invoice” screen and click on the “New Customer” option.

A popup will appear, fill out the customer details, and click “Save” to add this customer to your customer database. Use “Reset” to clear all entered data or close the pop up to exit.

After you have saved the details, simply choose their name from the drop-down menu to create a new invoice for that particular customer.

Yes! SurveyCrest lets you maintain a list of customers so you can quickly send out invoices to your frequent customers. Use the “New Customer” feature to create a customer list.
SurveyCrest lets you customize the tax rates according to the laws of your territory. Use the “Taxes” tab to add applicable tax rates.
Open up the “Taxes” tab in the main control panel.

Click on the “New Tax” button and enter the tax name and rate in the pop up.

All saved tax rates will be displayed whenever you create a new invoice
The “My Invoices” screen lets you see the details of the amounts owed, payments made and shows any overdue amount.

You can send out the invoice directly after creating it in the “New Invoice” screen. If you have saved it as a draft, you can go the “My Invoices” screen, choose the invoice draft, click on the gear icon next to it and click on Send. The invoice will be sent to the email address of the customer you specified in the draft.

You can delete or disable an individual invoice by changing its status in the “My Invoices” tab. Click on the small gear icon next to the invoice you want to delete and click on the Delete or Void option.
Voiding and invoice will cause it to be marked “Void” and the payments will not count towards your total amounts.
You can delete the invoice; however, it will still be accessible to the customer. It’s better to mark it as Void, so that the customer will know that payment is not expected.