Customer Dissatisfaction Feedback

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Win/Loss Business Lost Survey

Who was involved in the key selection process

What business needs led you to decide to buy this product/service?

What are the primary factors that informed your buying decision (please select all that apply)

How many vendors other than us did you consider for this product/service?

Which vendor provided the best solution to your needs?

Which vendor did you select?

Where did our product/service fall short?

What strengths of our competitors made you chose them over us?

What features were missing in our product/service that made you choose our competitor over us?

How likely are you to:

 Very likelySomewhat likelyNeutralSomewhat unlikelyVery Unlikely
Buy from us in the future?
Recommend our products/services to others.
Recommend our company to others.

How does our company compare with other companies providing the same products and services:

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, how would you rate us on the following attributes?

Customer service experience
Timely service
Quality of the product
PresentationRow 6
Sales team capabilities

Would you like to give us some suggestions/advice for improvement?

General Information

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