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5. How can we improve your purchase experience overall?
6. If you are not satisfied with any of the above facilities, please explain how we can improve?
7. Are you satisfied with the parking facilities at the store?
8. How satisfied are you with our return and exchange policy?
9. How satisfied were you with the return process?
10. Why did you return the product?
11. Have you returned any product that you brought from our store?
12. How long did you have to wait at the sales counter before your turn came?
13. Were other employees at the store polite and courteous?
14. Was the sales representative polite and courteous?
15. Was the sales representative helpful and knowledgeable?
16. Did a service representative help you out at the store?
17. How many times do you visit the store?
18. When did you make your last purchase from our store?
19. How long have you been shopping at the store?
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