Event Planning Template

General Information

1. Please give your Details

We are planning an event and would like your feedback on certain questions:

2. How much do you expect to pay for this event?
3. How far are you willing to travel for this event?
4. What day would suit you best?
5. How did you hear about the event?
6. Do you plan to attend the event?
7. Would you like to be notified about more such events in the future?
8. Is there any specific topic that you wish to be addressed by the speakers?
9. Is there anything specific that you wish to learn/gain from this event?
10. Any food allergies/ dietary restrictions?
11. Would you prefer to be served:
12. Would you like the event to be near your workplace/organization?
13. Is commute a problem?
14. What has been you biggest source of disappointment in the events attended in past?
15. Have you attended such events in the past?
16. What time would suit you best?
17. Would you prefer a dress code?
18. If you do not plan to attend this attend, kindly let us know why.
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