Pre Event Feedback Template

General Information

1. Please give your Details

Seminars and Conferences

2. Would you prefer written transcripts of the gist of speeches/talks?
Quality of speakers
Room size and service
Audio visual aids
3. Would you like to attend more such events?
4. Are you interested in buying tickets for the next event in line which comes with a discount if bought with this one?
5. Would you be interested in batch buying the tickets if discounts are offered?
6. Do you prefer :
7. Are you willing to invest a greater amount of money to improve the:
8. Would you prefer an advanced booking of the seats or a first come first served approach?
9. Who are the speakers that you anticipate listening to the most?
10. Do you have any expectations from other attendees?
11. What are your expectations from the event?
12. What is the main purpose of this event that if fulfilled would ensure its success?
13. What has been your greatest source of disappointment in the previous seminars/ conferences that you have attended?
14. Would you prefer to be served:
15. What day would suit you best?
16. What time would suit you best?
17. Would you like the event to be near your workplace/organization?
18. Is commute a problem?
19. Would you prefer a dress code?
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