School Bullying Survey

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School Bullying Survey




When were you bullied?

How common do you think bullying is at your school?

Not commonNeutralVery common

Have you ever been bullied:

Physically (kicked, shoved, pushed or hit)
Verbally (teasing, threatening, insulting, making fun)
Online (texts, emails, chat)
Indirectly (rumors were spread about you)


Have you ever been threatened with a weapon at school?

Did someone ever steal something from you or destroy your property?

Did you ever miss class because of bullying?

How did you deal with the bullying?

Did you report the bullying to someone?

Do you think you were bullied because of your:

How often are you bullied?

Were you bullied by:

Where were you bullied?

If you were bullied in school, where were you bullied?

Have you ever seen someone else get bullied at school?

Did you report the bullying to someone?

To whom did you report?

How satisfied are you with the steps the school has taken to prevent bullying?

What additional steps can the school take to prevent bullying?

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