Human Resources Survey Maker

Human Resource Survey Maker

“Imagine a workplace where everyone is happy. The coffeemaker is always functional and the stationary cabinet is always full. ”

At the beginning of their careers, all employees visualize themselves as part of a team that is all smiles but as they spend some time at the workplace, they realize that it is not all fun and games. After the initial excitement of a new job fades, employees become bored and distressed by their monotonous routine, which is why companies have a system which handles all the issues regarding human resources. Most companies have a separate department called HR which takes care of everything which involves hiring individuals and taking care of them. It is the responsibility of the HR department to build a comfortable environment for the employees and to ensure that they are satisfied. Many companies are using surveys to understand their employees. A recent survey by found that 70% of people are more likely to look for a new job after vacations. The HR side of any company can effectively use surveys to reach out to their employees. But before you jump on to this, learn which questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey.

Lend an Ear

Most employees are waiting to be heard. A good HR department comprises of a team which is proactively involved in improving the system and also available to listen to the problems of the workforce. It is very practical to use an online survey maker to create feedback forms and run them through all employees to get suggestions as it can be a very cumbersome process to arrange meetings with the entire workforce, especially if the company is big. HR managers can easily use the Employee Satisfaction Survey on Survey Crest to see where the company stands with its employees.

Keep it Anonymous

Employees can have the strangest problems at work and not all of them are vocal about it. The HR department needs to be very tactful in getting out information from them. A very smart way to go about this is to occasionally run anonymous surveys which do not ask for an employee’s credentials. This makes them comfortable when filling out feedback forms and they can reveal their problems about broken trust to broken staplers without feeling exposed or stupid.

Build a Happier Workplace!

Research suggests that the happiest employees are those who feel that their suggestions are being valued. Make sure you run regular surveys to find out what your employees need and then assure them of their value by installing that coffee maker they’ve been asking for. You can use SurveyCrest to pick survey templates which concern Human Resources and use them for your company’s success. Survey Crest also lets you edit existing surveys and create surveys from scratch. For a field like HR, which needs to ardently use surveys, SurveyCrest simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive view of the data collected through the surveys.

Start connecting with your human assets and know how they feel with our survey templates or start your own survey from scratch.

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