Hospitality Online Survey Templates

Hospitality Online Survey Templates

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Being in the industry of hospitality is tough. Your job is to keep your customers happy, and some of them can be really hard to please. Hotel employees often have to deal with clients who seem to pick on the smallest things. These customers may sometimes sound unreasonable but it is their right to seek the best – they are paying for these services and deserve the best. If you are in the field of hospitality (this includes lodging, restaurants, transportation, leisure and many more industries that are a part of tourism) it is your utmost responsibility to keep that smile on your customers’ face. Here’s how you can create surveys online to give your business a boost.

Turn that Frown upside Down

We all make mistakes, but the hospitality industry needs to be extremely vigilant about their services. However, if there is any discrepancy, and a customer is unhappy, you need to make sure that the complaint is registered and dealt with. You need to help your customers calm down and give them the feeling that they are being heard. Feedback forms really help in this regard and make your customers feel that the process is official. You can create a complaint form which focuses on finding out what the problem is and also get suggestions on how to improve it.

Convenience for Clients

The hospitality industry is sometimes referred to as the leisure industry. People come to hotels, spas and resorts to relax. They want to spend some quality time on their own and do not want to waste their time filling out feedback forms and surveys. Customers do understand the need for these, and do want to be heard, but they want to do it in the quickest way possible. Online survey creators are the best solution to this problem. Customers can fill these out whenever they have the time resulting in more accurate feedback which you can use to foster innovation and growth.

Convenience for You

Surveys and feedback forms not only help customers express how they feel, but also make the process of gathering information easier for you. SurveyCrest lets you create surveys in a matter of minutes and also lets you analyze the results in detail. All the responses are collected and results presented to you in a consolidated form so that you can analyze with ease. Online surveys not only help you analyze but also help you in saving money by cutting down on the printing costs of comment cards and feedback forms.

Keep Growing

According to Deloitte, the travel and tourism industry is expected to add more than 70M jobs over the next decade. This means that a lot of businesses will be working hard to attract clients towards them. You need to be on top of your game by providing services which attract the most customers. This is only possible if you are well aware of the needs and wants of your customers by running regular surveys and polls. If you are in touch with what is wanted by your customers, you can mold your services accordingly. This brings back old clients while also attracting new ones.

So to keep your customers feeling good and coming back to you, and also recommend you to their friends, make sure surveys are a part of your plan to get wholesome feedback and use it your advantage. Start with the following survey templates or create surveys from scratch.

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