Events, Meetings, & Campaigns Survey Creator

Events, Meetings, & Campaigns Survey Creator

“Surveys turn your events into a success!”

Most businesses arrange events to keep their employees connected and satisfied. But what some companies lack, is the ability to ask their employees how they feel about these events. Each company has its own set of events to engage their employees, but the bigger the company, the harder it is to decide what its employees require. In such a situation, it is best to use a survey to tap into the minds of the concerned people rather than basing the decision on personal preferences or guess work.

Give Employees What They Want

In a survey run by Bizzabo, 83% of businessmen feel that developing personal relationships is the key to running a successful business. A good online survey creator can help you improve your events by getting valuable feedback. Most companies make sure that the regular events take place but do not know if the employees who attended were satisfied. Corporate events and meetings should be arranged according to the wants of the employees as it is an activity to engage them. Surveys are the best way to get employee’s feedback and substantiate them.

Connect with Them Personally

With the use of social networking sites on a rise, the importance of corporate events, get-togethers and meetings has risen. The upsurge in the use of online platforms has created the need for employers to be able to create a team which is well connected on all grounds. According to Bizzabo 70% of event professionals tweet during their events and 61% of people use LinkedIn to keep in touch with their contacts. With a huge chunk of people resorting to social networks to communicate, it is vital for you to create portals in where your team can connect on a personal level. Using surveys to get your employees’ feedback about an event can help you create an experience they look forward to, keeping the purpose of your event alive.

With SurveyCrest, you can create a survey which includes all these aspects, or you can choose a specialized survey templates below for an area which you feel your company needs to improve upon.


Know your customers, know your market.

Businesses need to run various campaigns to build upon their customer base and also to retain old customers. With the market growing at an exponential rate it is crucial for companies to create campaigns which engage their customers in the best way possible. In this day and age, it is getting harder and harder for companies to plan campaigns which attract the customers. Campaigns need to be unique and clever enough catch the customers’ attention amongst all the clutter.

Mind the Gap

There is a huge gap between the company and the customer and this gap can lead to a company’s downfall if it does not stay updated with its customers’ needs. It is comparatively easier for a company to get feedback on its products as some of it comes in directly, but it is a puzzling task for a company to understand the psyche of its customers and then build a campaign around it.

Tackle the Competition

Considering the competitive nature of the market, you must try to understand what customers are seeking from your brand before planning a campaign. Surveys can be used to your advantage to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers. You can ask about existing campaigns and find out which ones managed to please them and which ones they thought were a failure and then use their feedback as a guideline to create a powerful campaign.

Use Your Resources Wisely

Successful campaigns are the most important tool to having a successful brand. Tread carefully by understanding the customers before spending a hefty amount on your next campaign. Running a campaign requires use of your employees’ valuable time and your company’s valuable money. With SurveyCrest, you can run polls and surveys to ensure the success of your campaign.

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