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10 Ways To Gauge Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the blood that keep your company’s heart pumping and running for which a single bad rep could give it seizure. And the last ...
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Customer Satisfaction Survey
By Kelvin Stiles , May 17 2018

8 Heartwarming Mother’s Day Campaigns That Moved Customers

Having lived with her for so long, your mother, along with your father, gave you nothing but undivided love throughout your life. You have been with ...
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Hot and Trending
By Kelvin Stiles , May 2 2018

14 Walt Disney Quotes To Inspire You To Pursue Your Craziest Dreams

Every adult was once a kid who grew up watching the all-time favorite Disney classics. Disney has always had the hearts of children and grown-ups alike and been ...
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Small Business
By Kelvin Stiles , Apr 26 2018

10 Employee Engagement Trends 2018

How would you feel if you did a job that bores you to death, undermines your true potential, are underpaid and that you’re not passionate about? You’d hate ...
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Employee Surveys
By Kelvin Stiles , Apr 17 2018

Privacy Matters: How The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal Affected Facebook’s Worth

It’s always fun to share your life with your friends over social media until you realize that each and every move you’re making is kept under ...
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Hot and Trending
By Kelvin Stiles , Apr 3 2018