[INFOGRAPHIC] Millennial Entrepreneurs Vs Boomer Entrepreneurs

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Millennial Entrepreneurs Vs Boomer Entrepreneurs

What exactly is it that makes millennial employees different from the boomer workforce? We know that it’s something. We learned that as customers, what millennials want is totally different from what their older counterparts do. Apparently, there are also differences when it comes to self-employment.

Each generation has a totally different outlook from what they expect from their employment experiences, which also transfers to their experiences as entrepreneurs. Generation Y is the largest age group since Generation X and has totally different views on how businesses should be run. Their opinions regarding workplace etiquette and expectations is as different as night and day.

This isn’t surprising. A generation that grew up in an age in which information is readily available is bound to have different views compared to one that didn’t. A millennial will have different views about how a business should be run compared to a boomer. It will show in everything from how they treat their employees to work schedules and everything in between.

How do millennial entrepreneurs differ from boomer entrepreneurs and does it matter? Scroll down to find out.

Millennial Entrepreneurs V Boomer Entrepreneurs

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