10 Employee Retention Questions You Must Ask In Your 2021 Surveys

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Employee Retention Questions

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Estaurants are opening up across the country, and as restrictions ease down, more and more diners are returning to their favorite eateries. The same, however, cannot be said for the employees. Restaurant workers have always been known to be among the lowest paid employees across industries. For so many of them, the unemployment stimulus checks – $600 a week – have been more than what they were earning at their jobs.

Therefore, it makes sense that a lot of them have refused to return to work. They want better wages – earnings that they can respectfully live off.

As this refusal to return to work has resulted in a historic restaurant staff shortage, employers are wondering how they can ensure to maintain reasonable staff strength at their businesses. In this video, we share 10 critical questions to gauge employee engagement and retention after the pandemic.

Watch this video to find out if your employees are happy with you, how likely they are to retain their employments with you, and what you can do to improve your working environment.

Questions To Ask:

  1. How likely are you to recommend a job at this company to your friends or family?
  2. Do you feel that your wages are fair?
  3. What would be your primary reason for accepting a job opportunity at another company?
  4. Have you recently thought about looking for another job?
  5. Do you feel appreciated and recognized by your manager at this job?
  6. Do you feel proud working for this company?
  7. How likely are you to still be working here in two years’ time?
  8. How likely are you to stay with this company if you were to receive a salary increment of 10% at another company? 
  9. Do you feel you have access to the tools you need to grow at this company?
  10. Have you ever felt bullied, discriminated against, or harassed at work?

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