[INFOGRAPHIC] Entrepreneurs: Part Dedication. All Optimism.

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In a world where anyone with a vision has enough resources to start their own business, scale isn’t what it used to be. This has given birth to a new breed of business owner; one who thinks according to a completely different mode of thought and ethos.

The life of an entrepreneur is one that is ripe with sacrifices with little reward in the beginning. However, most startup owners wouldn’t have it any other way. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Entrepreneurs know the meaning of hard work. They know what it takes to build a better business. They are not afraid of taking risks with uncertain outcomes. As a result, dedication and discipline are like second nature to them.

Of course, not everything is sunshine, rainbows and consistent ROIs in the world of the startup owner. While some risks, if carried out well, do come with rewards, they can make nasty turnarounds as well. Small business owners know this as well.

However, being the owner of a startup does have its perks. Entrepreneurs head ventures that have a slew of potential long term benefits that larger corporations do not. This is exactly why this particular group is also one of the most versatile in everything from philanthropy to corporate engagement. But how superhuman are they? For hard facts, check out the infographic created by ConstantContact below –


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