4th of July and eCommerce: The Price of Independence

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As the independence day is drawing nearer, the graph of consumer spending is perpetually shooting up too. A recent survey carried out on the 4th of July spending patterns estimated that sales worth $304 billion will be experienced in the US with an average American spending around $300 for the day. Every 1 in 4 Americans, the survey indicates, will go out of budget in their attempts of getting into the patriotic gear for the holiday.

Moreover, a similar survey carried out by Visa last year suggested a 58% rise in sales for the independence day from 2013 onwards. According to the survey, it has been predicted that by 2017, 10% of the US sales will be made online through successful ecommerce websites and that these sales will be as high as $491 billion by 2018.

Dig into more of such 4th of July trends uncovered by Nextopia— a firm that provides eCommerce navigation solutions globally—from the infographic below and find yourself amazed by the consumer spending pattern of the patrotic citizens of United States of America!

Price of Independence

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