[INFOGRAPHIC] Easter: America’s Most Popular Holiday!

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It seems like the Easter holiday is giving Christmas a run for its money both relatively and figuratively. Although Christmas spending is still leaps and bounds ahead of Easter spending, the spring holiday has been enjoying a spurt in popularity in the recent years if the numbers are any indication. Online surveys backed target demographics in the recent years have given marketers a bird’s eye view of what to expect on Easter.

About 80 percent of American adults will celebrate Easter this year, with the average person spending $140 in the holiday that includes lots of Easter Eggs and stuffed Easter bunnies. The National Retail Federation that tracks spending patterns every season, reports that an estimated $16.4 billion will be spent this year as part of Easter celebrations.

Discount stores account for the lion’s share of the gifts buying spree (58 %), followed by the retail department stores (40%). Even technology is playing a crucial role in promoting Easter, with 18 % of the shoppers using smartphones and tablets and laptops to order gifts online.

The holiday symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings, which is what most of the buyers will be hoping to tap into as they buy gifts for their loved ones and friends. Most popular items include the ever popular chocolate Easter egg and bunnies. However, jelly beans are fast becoming an Easter favorite. There’s even an ongoing debate about how to correctly devour those Easter goodies! Some say the chocolate Easter rabbit ears are supposed to be chomped off first. Whilst some prefer solid chocolates to hollow ones. Such is the love that the average American has for the sugary delights that make their way to American households this April.

The following infographic serves up some pretty nifty factoids about modern America’s endless love affair with Easter. From purchasing patterns to the demographical factor breakdowns, this infographic reveals how Easter is only going to grow more popular with mainstream America in the years ahead:

This infographic, created by Forbes (charted by Statista).

Easter Popular Holiday in America

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