[INFOGRAPHIC] Evolution of Mobile – From Luxury to Necessity!

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From the first mobile phone call in 1973 to the smartphone-crazy world of 2015, we take a glimpse at how a tiny handheld phone has come to symbolize an essential part of every person’s life. Even advertisements are being served on mobiles now. And that’s not all that the modern mobile phone is capable of.

Since the invention of the integrated circuit, Gordon Moore (co-founder of chipmaker Intel) made a famous prediction in 1965, which has come to be known as Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law decrees that our computers would grow powerful in processing speed after every 18 months. Little did the guy behind one of the tech world’s most enduring proclamations know that one day, tiny mobile phones would become more powerful than computers from a few years back. Our modern ‘smartphones’ pack so much power and potential both, running special apps and getting a lot of things done with just a few touchscreen inputs.

You want to sketch a portrait? Done. You want to watch a movie? Done. You want to publish a blog post online? Done.

Mobile phones are, at their core, our go-to communication tool. However, with the advancements in technology and the evolution of social behavior, the cellphone has become a digital extension of us in more ways than one. We make payments, take pictures, and write the next prose novel from our mobile. It’s like the Swiss Army knife, only intuitive and simpler enough to use by all and sundry. Who knows, maybe one day it will serve as our very own personal hologram device like those gizmos we’ve seen in Star Wars?

For now, sit back and take a look at the journey of the mobile phone through the ages, and how its importance shows no signs of diminishing in the years ahead.

Evolution of Mobile

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