[INFOGRAPHIC] For Small Businesses And Startups – The Future Is Now

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Small business owners rejoice. They don’t need to read tea leaves or palms to know that 2015 is shaping up to be their year in terms of positive business growth. Lending credence to this claim are 57% of small business leaders who say that revenue continues to grow in today’s economic climate.In fact, entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed because of their success-oriented traits.

This comes as a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs who want to try their luck with their ventures for the first time. It also indicates increased confidence in hiring people to be part of your startup. As the rate of failure of startups continues to decline, we will be seeing a world where it’s the small sized businesses that impact the economy in huge ways, both locally and globally. In fact, it shouldn’t be that far of a stretch to believe that small businesses can and will try to increase their philanthropy, as a sign of giving back to the community as much as big corporations do.

When asked as to what the biggest challenges for today’s entrepreneurs were, startup founders were quick to state that its about ‘adopting too many responsibilities and ‘gaining customers quickly’ that seem to be the biggest concerns for them. However, according to the surveys undertaken recently, 84 percent of the entrepreneurs put the premium on their ventures being a means to ‘pursue their passion’ as the most motivating factor.

Here is an infographic created by Wasp Barcode Technologies that serves to reinforce the fact why small-businesses serve as the next big wave towards economic empowerment and uplift:

Small Business

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