How To Grow A Loyal Customer Base Using Online Surveys?

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It is said that 25% to 40% of the total revenues of a business come from returning customers, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by firms. Its far harder to find a new customer than it is for a satisfied and loyal customer to make a repeat purchase. In fact, even the going gets tough (worse economic conditions), your loyal customer base can help you weather the storm.

Acquiring a new customer is going to cost you 7x times according to independent estimates. So why not grow the amount of loyal customers that you have by way of free online survey tools instead?

We take a look at how you can give a boost to your rate of retention of satisfied customers as well as ensuring a consistently high quality of customer services as well.

Make fans the stakeholders in your Brand Marketing

Brand loyalty is hard to attain. For that to happen, a business had to ensure that customers had a great experience with the wares they bought. It also involved a good level of customer support too.

But today’s consumers demand more say. Surveys reveal that now fans want to be very much play a part in how their favorite brands use them. Fans want appreciation, they want reciprocity.

In short, brands should do well by nurturing its fans as their most valuable marketing assets. This can mean anything from getting featured in the Facebook Brand Page, blogs, ads, etc. This can be achieved by holding contests, promotions, events, etc.

Be Solutions-Oriented with your Surveys

In the age of social media and mobile video marketing, all eyes are on you. Whether it’s your social media account or your blog, expect virtual citizens of all stripes and hues to comment on your service or product.

This 24/7 scrutiny of brands calls for a more inclusive and personalized customer service as well as reputation management. And also, based on the data provided by your online visitors, you can quickly make a note of the most common complaints and issues.

Suppose if an irate customer calls a business out on social media. They will naturally have questions about how the customer service wasn’t up to par or how the product didn’t live up to their expectations.

What if there was a way to minimize and overall abolish customer concerns beforehand?

To ensure that these issues are expertly and proactively handled, businesses can make use of survey tools to ask their customers beforehand about what issues can be potentially bothersome for the customers. In such an instance, businesses should take care and be all about problem-solving and courtesy.

Do your research

Getting a customer to be beholden to your brand takes a lot. There’s trust. There’s respect. And then there’s a whole lot of time and energy to be invested in order to learn what the customer’s tastes and preferences are. Also worthy is to listen to their feedback too. For example, if your brand has a global reach you know some users value video content in their native language, so if you use video dubbing services you’ll increase the engagement and brand awareness on that target audience.

To know all this, online survey tools prove to be instrumental. And the best part is that they are not expensive to use. Their impact on your business is manifold to say the least, provided that you make use of the data to positive effect.

And last but not the least, for maximum effectiveness, don’t forget to share your surveys where they need to be.


These are some of the most significant factors that can expand a company’s brand-loyal fan base. In the longer run, that’s how brands can become larger-than-life juggernauts as opposed to a business that has to worry about surviving on a monthly basis. So go ahead, design your survey for free today and gain market insights that can go on to play a critical role behind business success.

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