The 86th Academy Awards: Relive the Record Moments!

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The Academy Awards, generally known as, “The Oscars” have always fascinated the showbiz stars from around the globe. Winning an Oscar is a dream of almost every actor in the world, and ever since its inception, the show is eagerly awaited every year.

This year around, however, despite Ellen DeGeneres’ wit and enthusiasm, most minds described the show as, “flat and turgid”. Except for, as always, there were a few intriguing moments and happenings that helped them gain much popularity and interest.

Thus, from crashing Twitter and Instagram to ordering pizza, we have rounded up the 7 most interesting moments and facts of the 86th Academy Awards for you so that you don’t miss a thing this year!

1. Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club
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Matthew McConaughey disclosed in an interview that the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, for which he has won the best actor award, was rejected 137 times by financers and studios before it finally started filming. The film makers faced a hard time financing the film, as a result, McConaughey and other cast members contributed their own money so as to work things out and to complete the film. And who knew, this film would get him the Best Actor Award this year in the Oscars.

2. J-Law’s Red Carpet Trip

J-Law’s Red Carpet Trip
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Jennifer Lawrence made quite an entry at the Oscars by tripping and falling on the red carpet. The actress came out of her car to the red carpet, waved and… tripped and fell! But she managed to pull herself together and had a laugh with the girls around her, without feeling mortified.

Well, this is not the first time that J-Law has fallen at the Oscars for the most of us still haven’t forgotten how she had tripped on her way up to the stage to receive her award in the last ones. Most of the critics are even unanimous in their belief that the connection between Lawrence and falling down at Oscars seems to be of questionable spontaneity!

3. The NBC Twitter Blunder

The NBC News channel, on March 2, had mistakenly tweeted the breaking news of Jared Leto’s winning by saying that he wins the best supporting actor award for his role as a “transvestite” instead of transgender/transwoman.

The NBC Twitter Blunder

It is a common opinion that the Social Media Manager for NBC News might have been all too excited to tweet the word correctly. That, or maybe, it was all just to grab the generous attention from the followers.

Later, NBC issued a correction:

4. Meryl Streep Sets Record

Meryl Streep Sets Record
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Meryl Streep marked history by getting Oscar nominated for the 18th time in her career. To our surprise, the actress had almost rejected to play “Violet Weston” in “August: Osage County”, but her agent somehow managed to convince her to do this, soon to be Oscar-nominated, role and leaving her to set a record of receiving 18 Oscar nominations in a row; 15 for best actress and 3 for best supporting actress.

5. Ellen’s Selfie Gone Viral

Ellen’s Selfie Gone Viral
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Ellen DeGeneres is a first-rate American stand-up comedian as well as an exceptional host and a brilliant actress. She, while hosting the 2014’s Oscar Awards, managed to take world’s best selfie with all the A-list stars of Hollywood with a wish to create the most retweeted tweet ever.

So, her wish came true and the selfie managed to crash twitter and broke the all-time retweet record even before the broadcast came to its end.

6. Pizzas at the Oscars

The most enthralling and unexpected moment of the Oscars was when Ellen brought the pizza delivery man on the stage and said, “Guess what, the pizza’s here!” And the delivery man, along with Ellen started distributing pizza slices among the audiences. This part of the show was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as Ellen continued with her quips even while giving out the pizzas.

7. Bieber Crashed Instagram with Gomez’ Picture

Bieber Crashed Instagram with Gomez’ Picture
Image: Instagram/JustinBieber

Justin Bieber, who has always remained in the controversial news, has once again managed to create a hype through one of the social media platforms. He, at the Oscar party, captured a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and posted it on Instagram to over 15 million followers with a caption that read, “Most elegant princess in the world.”

This picture flooded the popular photo-sharing site with immediate likes and comments. Soon after the post, Instagram slowed down for about an hour, causing inconvenience to its multi-million users who had Justin Bieber to blame for it.

These 86th Academy Awards will be remembered with the help of the above mentioned labels that have gotten attached to them, either intentionally or unintentionally. No matter how the show went, it has left its impression on the audience owing to these moments for the rest of our lives!

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