#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Superstitions that Make Small Businesses Thrive

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Small Businesses Thrive

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Last Friday was the only Friday the 13th of 2016. This is good news considering the chaos this date tends to bring individuals and businesses alike. According to TheStreet, renowned stocks such as Macy’s took a big hit on that date, posting lower profit outlooks as a result.

If you’re shaking your head while reading these lines, here’s some news for you: being a believer isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, scoffing some myths may be the main reason your business hasn’t effectively achieved its goals for this year so far.

Businesspeople are no strangers to superstitions. Tech guru and Apple founder Steve Jobs collected over 100 black sweaters from Issey Miyake and wore one daily. And you know just how successful he has been during his lifetime.

In addition to being quirks, superstitions actually offer several benefits to businesses, including:

  • Boosting believers’ confidence and inspiring them to perform better
  • Easing anxiety by increasing familiarity
  • Making employers and employees feel as if they’re in control of their luck
  • Increasing employee productivity by allowing them to bring their superstitions to work

The following ten superstitions are especially beneficial for the businesses that believe them.

1. Friday The 13th

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or the fear of Friday the 13th, affects 9% of Americans. If you think this small percentage can’t affect you, here’s some news: businesses lose $800 million to $900 million in revenue on that day because of superstitious customers. By understanding why people are scared of this date, you can easily cater to them accordingly. For instance, insurance companies can offer discounts while highlighting how Friday the 13th is round the corner. On the other hand, you can win over the unsuperstitious by offering special offers on that date, increasing the volume of sales instead.

2. The Law Of Attraction

More of a universal law than a superstition, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. In other words, focusing on positive thoughts will bring positive experiences while negative thoughts attract negative experiences. Believing in the Law of Attraction has the power to help you solve problems through improving your perspective and increasing your capacity to learn. Positive thinkers also enjoy more energy and can make good decisions that are profitable for their ventures. Besides, positivity is infectious; so your whole staff will be motivated and ready to take on any work. With so much to gain, why not give Law of Attraction a try?

3. Feng Shui

Feng Shui, or the Chinese art of placing objects to balance the flow of energy, is one of the most common superstitions in the business world. Believing and practicing this art has the power to allow productive chi throughout your establishment, spreading positivity and earning you more profits. You’ll also know what you can add or remove around your office to ensure your business’ growth. The least Feng Shui can do for you is to create space in, add life to, and declutter your offices. All of these will ensure your clients and employees of your success and keep them close to you.

4. Numerology

People’s senses are geared towards pattern recognition, which is why numerology is one of the favorite superstitions in the business world. In fact, the best name numbers for business in numerology are in the 6, 5, 9, and 1 series. If you analyze Fortune 500 companies’ names, you’ll find them in these series only. Professionals as well have implemented numerology in their own personal names. Take advertising guru Siimon Reynolds for instance. Adding an extra ‘I’ to his name helped him achieve more fame than ever.

5. The Power Of The Full Moon

The moon has the power to do more than just turn people into werewolves. As many cultures believed (and may possibly continue to believe) that the moon is made of silver, looking at the full moon can attract wealth. Many superstitious businesspeople also start new projects or finish old business on days when the moon is full. On the other hand, starting new business or trade during the new moon is a surefire way to get bad results. This is because believers think that their money will be spent quickly and recklessly. So, let the moon guide you. The worst that can happen is that you’d spend a few minutes gazing at a beautiful moon.

6. Color Superstitions

Many entrepreneurs believe that the colors they use to represent their businesses have the power to make or break them. This belief is mainly the result of cultural influences. For instance, the color red is auspicious in Oriental cultures, attracting fortune and wealth to those using it in their logos or interiors. Just remember that you can’t use your color superstitions everywhere, especially if you have an international presence. This is because colors have different meanings in different societies; what may be good luck to you can mean doom to your clients.

7. A Clean Toilet

As funny as this may sound, there’s actually a myth stating that clean toilets can actually attract good luck. As laughable as this notion may seem, there’s actually some truth behind this. How clean you keep your restroom can indicate how much you value your employees and speak volumes about your chances of long-term success. Besides, if you’re in the restaurant business or any industry where your patrons may need the facilities, the last thing you need is for them to tell everyone how dirty your stalls were. So keep your toilet clean to stay lucky.

8. Adding Money Plants

Money tree plants are a traditional symbol of good luck and fortune. The Money Tree bonsai, a.k.a. the Pachira plant, is especially considered to bring wealth to entrepreneurs as its stems may carry seven leaves. However, only lucky people can get such a tree, so keep looking to ensure that it secures Lady Luck by your side and complements your Feng Shui placement.

9. Crossed Fingers

You may have been crossing your fingers for good luck for years or since an early age because you believe that it’ll ensure good luck and prosperity. And chances are that it truly has helped you achieve these two. One of the reasons this superstition works is because crosses symbolize power and unity, and that too in the pre-Christian era. Applying the Law of Attraction here, it would make sense that your positive wishes may motivate you to realize them.

10. Lucky Clothes And Charms

Steve Jobs wasn’t the only one who had a lucky article of clothing. Many entrepreneurs have different quirks when it comes to what they wear or what they pocket. These empower them and give them the confidence they need to secure even the toughest deals. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about others criticizing your lucky hat or fortune-bringing amulet. Others around the meeting table may have their own lucky charms and clothes to ensure that they get the best deal too.

So, which of these 10 superstitions do you personally believe in? Do you have any of your own that have helped you ensure the success of your business? Share them in the comments below and let’s start a conversation.

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