Why Surveys Should be Mobile Friendly?

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Responsive design is not just the in thing in tech world today. It’s the need of the time. Life is too fast-paced to wait till your computer starts up properly. People prefer entertainment and communication they can enjoy without getting stuck with a desktop for hours.

Same thing goes for survey taking. People want to take surveys on their phones and iPads which they can attempt on the go. According to a survey, there is a 107 percent increase in taking surveys on a mobile device. Even though, all surveyors understand the value of mobile friendly surveys, many still haven’t taken measures to make their surveys compatible for a phone device

The SurveyCrest website, hasn’t incorporated this responsive element yet but we are working on it like anything. Rest assured you will be reaping the benefits of this technological advancement very soon. Meanwhile, we thought of enlightening our readers on why this change is necessary in the first place.

The Advantages of Responsive Surveys

The greatest advantage of taking surveys on a mobile device is that you can attempt surveys on the go; which means, as many surveys as you want, as long as you are connected to the internet. You can take surveys while having coffee at a restaurant sitting in an art gallery. You can enjoy fresh air while taking surveys, reducing the fatigue it might bring if you work continuously.

Apart from the obvious benefit, mobile friendly surveys can be a lot more fun than their desktop versions.

  • You can take them with friends. Take suggestions from them, suggest surveys to them. And show more people, live, how interesting survey taking can be.
  • Since mobile friendly survey can’t be long, it doesn’t take much time to attempt one. You can take more surveys in less time.
  • As many online survey tools can detect when you take a survey on mobile device, you can choose to deliver a different version of your survey to each type of respondent, keeping all the branding, images, and multimedia you want on the desktop version of your survey and the simple and clean version for mobile.

Suggestions to Improve the Mobile Survey Experience

There are few things you can take care of to make your mobile surveys more attractive:

  • Keep minimum visual distractions.
  • Keep the images small not only because they don’t fit on a small screen but also because they take longer to download on slow data connections.
  • Use the option of Logic to minimize the number of questions.
  • For mobile friendly surveys, keep the number of questions on one page to one ideally.
  • Use the basic question types such as Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Single-Line Open Text.

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