[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Deadly Social Media Sins Small Businesses Should Stop Committing

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7 Deadly Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives; it has gotten so ubiquitous so fast that it’s hard to imagine how we managed to go through our days without tweeting, liking and pinning something or the other. Look at these stats to realize how prevalent social media has become.

This prevalence has led to the logical conclusion: businesses realizing the power and reach of social media as a customer communication channel. Nowadays no marketer will come up with a campaign that doesn’t have a significant social media component. Small businesses, in particular take advantage of social media in order to gain online exposure and promote their brand. This is a great strategy, because it helps startups compete with the market behemoths that have endless marketing budgets. Small businesses, solopreneurs, startups can use social media to increase engagement, conversion rates and build a loyal customer base. All this requires careful planning and research. Some small businesses tend to get it right, but most end up committing some major business mistakes that can kill the startup. These misguided efforts actually end up harming the promotional strategy and revenue falls. You will read plenty of guides on how to promote via social media, we decided to tell you about some things you should never do.

We have highlighted seven most damaging ones, think of them as the seven deadly sins of social media that you need to avoid under all circumstances!

Social Media Sins SMB

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