Fantastic Black Friday Deals And Where To Find Them!

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Black Friday

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Black Friday is almost here! Get ready for the excitement, exhaustion, and elation. The shopping season reaches a crescendo with the arrival of Black Friday and the amazing deals. Everyone has plans to pick up tons of gifts for themselves and their loved ones. You are fired up to face the crowds and the early morning hours, but hold on! There is one thing that you haven’t done, do a little pre-shopping search for the best bargains.

Nowadays its easier than ever to research products beforehand, with the arrival of Black Friday, you also have to factor in deals and discount percentages to your to-do list.

Turns out you don’t need to, we have you covered! We scoured the best deals form the best retailers and present them here. These discounts are as serious as an encounter with an Acromantula!

Black Friday

We are sure your holiday shopping list will increase substantially in size after you have seen the goodies we have listed here.

Note: All product images are sourced from the featured retailers.

1. Wonderful Deals From Walmart

The Walmart website has a special section dedicated to Black Friday deals. They have categorized the discounts according to different departments such as Electronics, Furniture, Home, Sports and Outdoors, and a lot more. It is so extensive that navigating it is a pain, the easy thing to do is check out our top picks.

a) Samsung 60″ 6200 Series

(Savings Value: $1,122.00)

Samsung 60 6200 Series

b) Xbox One S 1TB Gears of War 4 Bundle

(Savings Value: $50.96)

Xbox One S 1TB Gears of War 4 Bundle

c) HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm X360

(Savings Value: $64.00)

HP Pavilion 15 bk020wm X360

Want more? Check out specific deals for televisions, laptops, cellphones, tablets, video games, and cameras.

2. Amazing Deals From Amazon

As Amazon kicks Black Friday preparations and promotions into high gear, word has leaked out that they are offering a 60-inch 4K television manufactured by a major brand for just $600! Electronics deals are the most sought after during the holiday season, and Amazon takes full advantage of the shopping frenzy. They start offering pre-Black Friday sales on November 18, and specials are scheduled to appear every day until we hit D-Day. Their massive sale will continue up to December 22, there might be a few post-Black Friday deals that you might want to save up for. Check out our top Amazon picks!

a) Fitness Trackers And Smart Watches (40% Off)

Fitness Trackers And Smart Watches

b) 3D VR Gaming System (60% off)

3D VR Gaming System

c) 1 Year Of Amazon Prime For £79

Amazon Prime

3. Dazzling Deals From Home Depot

Home Depot has been aggressively promoting its Black Friday sales in the hopes of enticing more shoppers. The usually low-key retailer is offering steeper discounts this year on both, large and small home appliances. Snag yourself some brand new home appliances such as refrigerators, washer/dryers, microwaves and dishwashers at largely discounted prices.

a) Home Depot Refrigerators (40% Off)

Home Depot Refrigerators

b) Home Depot Dishwashers (35% Off)

Home Depot Dishwashers

c) Home Depot Washers And Dryers (40% Off)

Home Depot Washers And Dryers

4. Best Deals From Best Buy

Best Buy is offering some amazing and exclusive deals this year. The retailer has also upped the game with their season-long free shipping. Their electronics deals are most touted and sought after. Best Buy aims to grab a huge chunk of the Black Friday frenzy! Here are some of the best deals and high discounts we found.

a) Samsung 55 inch LED 4K

(Savings Value $320)

Samsung 55 inch LED 4K

b) Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Laptop

(Savings Value : $150)

Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Laptop

c) Amazon Fire Tablet

(Savings Value: $30)

Amazon Fire Tablet

d) iPad Pro

(Savings Value : $125)

iPad Pro

5. Crazy Deals From Costco

Costco has traditionally relied heavily on electronics deals during Black Friday, this year they have focused on other departments and have come up with great promotions. Judging from their website, the retailer is set to create a ton of hype this season. The sales will continue throughout the holiday season, here are a few unique deals we spotted.

a) Diamond Stud Earrings ($400 Off Regular Price)

Diamond Stud Earrings

b) Venezia 4-Piece Leather Set ($800 Off Regular Price)

Venezia 4 Piece Leather Set

c) Aquaterra Spas Montecito ($1000 Off Regular Price)

Aquaterra Spas Montecito

d) Vinotemp 155-Bottle Wine Cooler ($500 Off Regular Price)

Vinotemp 155 Bottle Wine Cooler

Feed your Black Friday frenzy with the latest deals from major retailers. There are more amazing deals available at the respective store websites. Keep checking to see online exclusives, flash sales, and door-busters. Shop till you drop!

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