Cats: PURR-FECT Animal For Social MEowDIA

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Lately I have been observing that there are many fan pages and communities being made by those people who own pets. They make their profiles and post their pictures and videos to make them famous and actually post things about them as if their pet is interacting with its fans or followers itself. The most viral pet on the social medium are cats! Cats are so adorable and funny that their owners keep on capturing the funny and weird things they do and post them as photos or videos to make others laugh and to make their pet famous online. There is lots of hilarious and goofy stuff that cat’s do which is worth capturing and sharing.

There are many cats that are now famous over the social mediums and their fan pages are fully active all the time. They have huge fan following and they actually interact on regular basis just like the way we do with our profiles/pages. Cats are no wonder a famous animal over the social media platforms. It’s more about social pet-working rather than social networking nowadays. There are some crazy cat owners who want to make their pets a superstar over the internet.

There are many cats which are famous and own their official fan pages which get updated regularly and people comment, like or follow their posts. The reason why people share funny things about their pets is that they want to make other people laugh by watching those photos and videos.

It is observed that over 3.8 million users in the Britain alone share their cat’s photos and videos on the social networking sites. This figure is more than the amount of selfies taken by people in the UK. Cats aren’t just popular on the social networking sites but on different smart phone applications too. People WhatsApp and Snapchat their cat’s photos and videos making them famous in their circles.

Even I myself have a cat and he is called Simba and I share his pictures on my Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp his funny and cute photos and videos to my friends and relatives all around the world. Simba is now a popular pet among my circle and I’m so glad that everybody I know adores him. Let me share a picture of Simba so that people who read out this blog will also know him.

Isn’t he adorable? My friends and I just love him!

Let’s talk about the cat that is really famous and is actively “social petworking”. Remember the famous Grumpy cat, Tard? Yes the one with an angry face!

He is always sarcastic, angry and making fun of others but everybody loves him! They find him really funny and cool because of his sense of humor. Although there isn’t any such cat in real but over the social mediums he is known as a very popular cat! And now he is going to get starred in a movie as well. How cool is that!

This trend is gradually increasing all over the world. People are sharing their pet’s images and videos in the form of vines which are made viral as anything. There are almost 7.2 million clips of cats doing silly things with the name of “Funny Cats” and then there is a video of a “Surprised Kitty” which is being viewed by more than 65 million people on the YouTube. These are some cat’s videos which have more views than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. LOL!

Let’s just face it now! Animals are ruling the internet, especially the cats. They are meow-ing all over the internet. They are updating all their social media accounts more than anyone else and ironically their posts are much more viral than any breaking news.

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