Which Smartphone App Is Perfect For Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing works for just about any business, whether you are running a bakery or a multinational brand. Now this kind of marketing is even easier with social networks releasing and updating smartphone applications every few days.

For an entrepreneur, there is a huge collection of apps that he can choose from for his android/iOS phones and tablets, in order to avail the benefits of mobile marketing. According to an early 2013 survey, the past five years have seen a boost in smartphone app usage, with the remaining users still focused on the World Wide Web. Thus, prove rather fruitful for the business sector in terms of conversion of fans to customers.

The report by analytics firm Flurry confirms that β€œThe disruptive force of the mobile app economy has created opportunities, rising stars, instant millionaires, dinosaurs and plenty of confusion.”

Therefore, we have created a slideshow of some of the top ranking apps that help in social media marketing of a business. Once you are done watching, please take part in our poll and share with your friends. πŸ™‚

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