The Difference between Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes!

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Has it happened to you that when you decided to make a survey, you ended up making what others took as a quiz, or when you wanted to make a quiz, people thought it was just a poll? If it has, we will help you understand the difference between surveys, polls, and quizzes, so that you achieve your targets more accurately in future.

This understanding is also crucial for the general public because they are the ones who attempt the questions in the end and the accuracy of data depends on the clarity of their answers. Therefore, it is imperative that both the entrepreneurs and their clients are educated on the variety of methods for data collection.

What is a “Survey”?

Survey is a general inspection of someone or something so as to appraise them. Its goal is to generate more complex feedback, not just basic data. Politicians, employers, and various organizations use them to get feedback from their employees. Surveys are more interactive and elaborate than polls. People are generally required to detail their reasoning, experience, and expectations, as well as complaints and suggestions.

What is a “Poll”?

Polls record opinions or votes. They are voluntarily attempted by random sample of people and are administered in many ways, such as phone, face-to-face, social media, etc. They are conducted to collect general data on trends or patterns of opinion on a societal level. The end result is represented through charted or graphed percentages. You will often encounter exit polls during elections, social polls run by non-profit organizations, lifestyle polls by merchants, etc.

What is a “Quiz”?

Quizzes, written or verbal, tend to test a person’s knowledge in a brief yet informal way. Internet is full of entertainment quizzes which question a person’s pop culture knowledge or political awareness but the actual aim of a quiz is the required testing for educational settings and workplace advancement. Results are graded which are often shared with the respondent.

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