5 Reasons Why Survey Record-Keeping Is Important

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Record-keeping is a strenuous task, no matter what kind of record it is that you’re saving. Professional survey makers get involved with so many survey projects that it is sometimes simply impractical not to keep a record. For amateurs, the task is even more daunting than for a professional.

Online surveys, especially, are easier to create and attempt. These online surveys boost economic activity and bridge the gap between a brand and its customers. Since social media is on the rise, it has become easier to reach out to the masses, but to obtain authentic information and feedback; companies still have to rely on purposely built surveys.

Here is a list of reasons why a company or an independent surveyor should keep record of the exclusive information they receive through surveys.

1. Store The Information For Later Reference

Store The Information
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It is important for a survey maker to document the details of each survey he creates for his company. If a company is regularly in touch with its customers, then it will be difficult to procure information later on that was once collected through a free online survey. Therefore, it is imperative that the surveyor keeps a record of all the surveys disseminated in the public, how and why they were created, and how their result was implemented on the product.

2. Follow Public Response To Your Product

Follow Public Response

As time passes by, many customs are added to a culture, views evolve, taboos resolve, etc. How, then, is an entrepreneur supposed to keep track of public response to his products? How is he to know how much the attitude of public has changed towards his brand in, say, five years time? Such data can obviously be extracted from the record of surveys he has used from the inception of his brand. He can easily follow the reputation and response of public towards his various products.

3. Keep Track Of The Resulting Improvements

Resulting Improvements
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As an entrepreneur brings improvements by gauging public response to his product, he needs to record them well so that, after a certain amount of time, he can analyze exactly how many changes were introduced and why. All the versions of the same product or brand new commodities are introduced after some kind of survey by the company. A record of those surveys proves why a particular change was required.

4. Follow The Taste And Mood Of Customers

Mood Of Customers
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Like we discussed the ephemeral nature of cultural attitudes in point #2, an entrepreneur needs a record of consumers’ awareness and satisfaction not only with his product or brand, but with all the similar products available in the market. He needs to stay updated on how much the taste of his clients has evolved over a period of time and develop his project accordingly.

5. For Surveyors Who Freelance

Surveyors Who Freelance
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Professional survey makers who are not employed by a particular brand offer their services to various companies as freelancers. These freelance survey makers are a more efficient and affordable option for small business owners. But for a freelance surveyor, keeping track of all his assignments, finished or pending, may prove difficult as he has many things to tackle alone, such as avoiding common mistakes in making surveys and making sure of the quality for optimum results.

Of course, we all view things differently and there may be other reasons why you would think that record-keeping is important for surveyors. We would love to hear your two cents on the subject. Leave a comment and share how much you agree with notion of keeping survey records.

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