Turn A Failed Business Into A Success: In 5 Easy Steps

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It is very disheartening when your business cannot become successful despite trying all that you could. Success and failure are both part of life and business. The important thing is, what you learn over the time in both cases. Learning and implementing the strategies and plans can help you grow your business. After all, don’t repeat same mistakes which you earlier committed.

If you are determined and strong headed to turn your failing, or already failed, business into a successful one then you need to follow these under-mentioned steps religiously and you will be surprised with the results:

1- Businesses Fail, Relationships Strengthen:

Relationships Strengthen

If you will sell a product of services, chances are that either your product or service will be either liked by your target market or not. But if you create relationships with your potential and existing customers the chances of failing are zero to none. Engage your customers, let them interact with you or your representatives. Let ambiguities be solved and make sure you answer every slightest doubt which your customers have in their mid. Use social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. or emails along with traditional ways to reach and interact with your target market. Once they start to interact and communicate, the trust level will build up and this will transform into a relationship. That’s where your business will never fail by any means.

2- Competition Is Good, As Far As You’re Learning

Competition Is Good

Those who believe that competitions are bad for businesses then rest assured such businesspersons aren’t perfect fit for the business arena. A true businessperson always appreciated healthy competition. It is the only way which lets you learn more, improvise and add newness to the boring and repetitive operations of your business. We all know that the only things constant in life is change, right? So, even in business, changes are the proof that the industry is shaping up for good. From competition, businesses should learn. The practices, tactics, campaigning style and product development are the basic elements which you should observe in your competitors. It always gives an edge to your business, if you study your competitor and come up with a strategy which can outdo them and this is what successful businesses do to supersede their competitors. Following are some pointers on which you can learn from your competitors:

a. Which areas and regions are your competitor is targeting.
b. Which P’s of marketing (Placement, Pricing, Promotional activities and Product features etc.) of your competitor is/are stronger and weaker than yours?
c.How is your competitors pitching style?

3- Get Surveys Filled

Get Surveys Filled
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Surveys are spinal cord of a successful business. Try to reach out to your target market and listen to them. Any business can reach to the zenith of success provided it follows and focuses on what its target market wants from it. The common problem is that people don’t tend to fill survey forms. This particular issue can be solved by adding spice to your survey forms. Make your survey forms interesting, intriguing and engaging. The chances of receiving responses will multiply. In case you think your business is facing a downfall then creating surveys and rolling them out is a must practice. This will give you a chance to receive response from your customer base and potential target. Keeping those advices and suggestions in close focus you can actually gear up your game of business. This might be your come-back ticket to the business field. Here’s how you can keep surveys interesting:

a. Add real life examples in your surveys and ask about the responses.
b. Let your respondents weigh your products and services out of 5.
c. Ask reasons for their ratings.
d. Keep your surveys in conversational tone.
e. Keep it short and simple.

4- Never Say Die:

Never Say Die

If you are up for serious business then you shouldn’t take anything for granted. You need to work hard and smart in order to make your mark in the business world. It’s your consistency and perseverance which will take you from one point to the other. Success becomes reachable if you keep your focus. Following are the ways to adopt “never-say-die” approach:

a. Never lose hope, every cloud has a silver lining.
b. Believe in your passion and give your best shot.
c. It’s always a team effort, buck your team up.

5- Never Forget To Ask For Feedback:


There are businesses which aren’t comfortable in receiving feedback from their customers and users. This is not a good practice to follow. It is always beneficial for businesses to receive feedback, whether good or bad. This is because if any customer gives a bad feedback then there are chances to improve that area. Negative feedbacks are actually helpful for businesses to sustain in the market, as with the help of such feedbacks you emphasize more on your shortcomings and improve your business. Following are the reasons why you should opt for customers’ feedback:

a. Customers feel important when they are asked to provide feedback.
b. You get to understand the viewpoint of your target audience.
c. You get firsthand information about your brand, service and perception.
d. This way you can pinpoint the errors and issues which are already spotted by your customers. All you need is to fix them.

Wrap Up:

By following the above mentioned points and adding some others, as per your industry norms, you can easily turn a failing or failed business into a progressive business. It is not something that can be done overnight but gradual improvement and shift in practices can definitely help you in spotting the fruitful results.

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