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Now that you have learned how to delete or add a question from your chosen survey template on Survey Crest, it’s time to activate it.

Surveys can be a huge help in understanding how your customers think and whether certain products or services will be successful before they are even launched.

And a platform that allows users to create and launch surveys is the best way to go about it. With Survey Crest, you can set a unique URL for the survey template you select and send it to multiple recipients through email, social media and other platforms – all with a few clicks. Just follow these steps –

Step One – Update The Title

After you have edited your survey, you will be directed to the Launch page. If you want to change the title of your survey now, this is the time to do it. Change the title in the title section as shown below. You may click on the Launch button at the top of the page whenever you want to launch your survey.


Step Two – Designate The Dates

Your survey needs to start and end at some point. Survey Crest makes this easy to do. Select your chosen dates in the Start Date and End Date sections.


Step Three – Survey Format

There is still time to change the format of your survey, in step three. You can make your survey as a single page or divide it into sections on multiple pages.


Step Four – Activate And Publish Your Survey

After you have filled in the required fields, click on the Activate and Publish Survey button in the bottom left of the page. This will publish your survey or poll.


Step Five – Create A Unique URL For Your Survey

Once you have published your survey, you will need to select a URL for it. You can do that in the next page. To create a specific type of link for your campaign, choose from the options available in the left side of the page. You can use this section to share your survey or poll with your friends, share it through social media and even send the URL as part of an email campaign.


And you are done!

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