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After you have chosen from a predesigned survey on Survey Crest, the next step is to polish the questions in it. You might need to replace them with some of your own.

Why Add Or Delete At All?

Simply because it is a survey about YOUR business and predesigned questions in a template might not do it justice. Even if you have used scales or yes/no questions, there are bound to be some sections that might seem redundant.

Keep in mind, your business interests lie in asking the right questions and not questions that miss the mark completely or worse, tick your customers off. For example, if customers have already used a product, a premade question that asks them if they have is useless. You can however, replace this question with one that, say, asks participants their opinions about your customer service.

Fortunately, Survey Crest has options that enable users to delete and add questions in the templates they choose.

After you have selected your template, click on the “Continue to Edit” option below. You will be able to add or delete a question in the “Survey Editor” section.

Deleting A Question

In order to delete a question from your chosen survey, follow these steps —

1. Click on the bin icon next to the question you want to omit and it will be deleted.

Deleting A Question

(Click on the bin icon)

2. An alert for confirmation will appear. It will warn you that all responses that are related to this question will also be deleted. Click on “Yes” to delete the question.

(An alert will appear)

An alert will appear

You will not be able to delete questions that are mandatory. For example, you will not be able to omit all the questions in the section in which surveyors are asked to provide their details.

Adding A Question

If you want to add a new section or question in your survey, follow these steps –

1. Click on the “Add Question” option below your chosen section.

Add Question

(Click on ‘Add Question’ to add a question in your survey)

2. A new section “Click here to enter question” will appear. Type a new question in this section.

Click here to enter question

(Click on the pencil icon and type a new question)

3. Click on the check mark after you are done typing your question.

Click on the checkmark

(Click on the checkmark)

Choose an option

4. Next, choose an option for its response

(Choose an option)

And you are done!

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