How To Survey: Choosing From A Pre-Designed Survey On SurveyCrest

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Pre-Designed Survey

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You can’t launch a product without knowing whether your audiences might like it. Similarly, you can’t launch a business policy without knowing whether your employees will agree with it. How do businesses get into the minds of their audiences?

The answer is surveys. Surveys eliminate the guesswork and help businesses predict customer and employee behavior. In addition they allow businesses to conduct market research for free.

In a previous post, we told you how you can create a survey form on Survey Crest from scratch. But did you know that the website also lets you choose pre-designed surveys?

Pre-Designed Surveys Cut Your Workload

Survey templates from Survey Crest can be convenient if you are strapped for time. They are also easy to create, edit and publish.

The first step is to register yourself on the website. Click on the “Create a Survey” option on your dashboard and follow these steps –

How To Survey: Create Your Survey Form Within 5 Minutes!

Step One – Choose Your Survey Template

Choose a survey template under “Survey Template.” Next, select a title that describes your survey perfectly.

  • Each template is designed according to the type of survey you require, so choose wisely.
  • Make sure that your survey’s title is attractive

Click on “Create Survey” after you are done.

Choose your Survey Template

Step Two – Preview Your Template

After you have selected your template, the next step is to preview it. The preview section will allow you to review your template before you can publish it. It will contain –

  • A section where people surveyed will be required to provide their names, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Question sets that are preset according to the survey you choose from the list on  the left

After you have made your selection, click on “Continue to Edit” at the bottom

Preview your Template

Step Three – Edit Your Survey

Since no business is the same, the purpose of your own survey might be different. You might want to omit, add or alter some of the questions according to your own preferences. You can edit the following in this step –

  • Customer details
  • Survey questions
  • The options under each question

After you are done, click on the “Launch Survey” option at the bottom right corner of the page.

Edit your Survey

Step Four – Activate Your Survey

After you have successfully edited your survey, the next step is to launch it. In this step you can –

  • Set a start and end date for your survey
  • Set a format for it
  • Set a default language for it

Click on the “Save and Publish” option below after you are done.

Activate your Survey

Step Five – Publish Your Survey

The best part about online surveys is that you can send them anywhere you have a web presence. Once you have created a survey on Survey Crest, you can –

  • Share the web link on any webpage
  • Share it on social media
  • Embed it in a website
  • Send it as part of an email campaign
  • And more

Publish your Survey

And you are done! Stay tuned to find out more.

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