How To Survey: Create Your Survey Form Within 5 Minutes!

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How To Survey

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The Survey Series – Intention

Without carrying out and conducting surveys, one cannot focus on practicality of research and development for any business. We are all set to start a fresh series of creating surveys which are useful, interesting, different from market’s norms and very simple by guiding step by step. Get ready to read the very first from the series and explore how you can create distinctive surveys through SurveyCrest.

Explore Development And Research In Depth With SurveyCrest:

With unmatched survey creation and curation services to its registered users for free of cost, SurveyCrest offers the wow factor. There are not hidden charges as well. With the help of SurveyCrest you can easily create engaging and eye catchy surveys which will increase the number of respondents in not time. You must be concerned about how to create such a survey, right? Here’s what you need to do:

Survey Creation Can Be Fun! Try It To Believe It:

The very first step to create a survey after getting registered at SurveyCrest is to “Create Survey” which you can see in your Dashboard.

Step 1: Create A Title For The Survey:

Select a title that best describes your survey and name your survey accordingly, next press “Create Survey” that is at the bottom of the page.

Create A Title For The Survey

Step 2: Select The Question Type:

After that, you need to decide what sort of question you are planning to ask. Whether it’s a text based, rating based, or multiple choice kind of a question.

• Text based question can be answered in “short”, “long” and “huge” formats.
• Rating based questions can be answered in points, ranks, etc.
• The option of MCQs can also be availed.

There’s a field which clearly states “Click Here To Enter A question”. This can help you in creating as many questions as you desire by simply adding more questions to your survey.

Select The Question Type

Step 3: Add Section:

If you are planning to create a survey that has many pages then all you need to do is “Add Section” and you are good to go with the drill.

Add Section

Step 4: Publish Survey:

Finally, before publishing the survey, you can also preview how the survey will look. Once you are sure that you want to make the survey go live, then just “Publish” the survey. Plus, you can also print the survey as there’s an option for the convenience of the users.

Publish Survey

Step 5: Share Survey:

Later on you may activate and launch your survey. Share it over social media or through the email (as per your preference). This will help you engage many respondents.

Share Survey

Voila, you are ready to roll out your survey. Stay tuned to learn more.

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