How to Make Your Employees Smarter, Happier & Productive?

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Becoming a smart entrepreneur takes some genius….and if you don’t give at least this much to yourself than I must say that you’re stuck! Do you know what I mean? I’m sure, no.

Let me explain by giving you a rather unusual example of a movie director. He gets a good comedy script to shoot but his trouble is just the same. He’s stuck with many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny. So, in such a situation, the audience end up disappointed and criticize the film maker. Similarly, when an entrepreneur is stuck with unproductive employees, his business is doomed for good. If you have been successful in avoiding such a fate as a business owner, than pat yourself on the shoulder and keep your business secrets safely to yourself.

We, however, would like to share a few good suggestions with our readers to enhance the overall satisfaction of their employees and the resulting productivity.

• True Leader Makes His Employees Learn to Dream

The best thing you can do to help your employees is obviously find or be the kind of manager/leader who would inspire or at least encourage them to grow not only professionally, but also intellectually. A leader plays a critical role of giving direction, defining purpose and goals for his team. He is the one who sets priorities. He helps them dream, learn, do, and become more. The development of employees is crucial to your success. Unless you are capable of providing that, you shouldn’t complain about the poor outcome or lower profits of your company.

• First Explore Yourself, Then Your Smartphone

Where technology can create many unthinkable opportunities for your business, it can also limit the creativity and mental abilities of your workforce. Today, where technology dominates almost every function, using work related gadgets is essential and the employees should be well-trained in that department. This also adds to the responsibility of the employer that his staff stays updated. All of this is true, but remember Karl Marx said: The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.

When you sought after the latest and the best of technology for your company, don’t forget that ultimately it’s the user of that machine whose capabilities and foresight are going to earn you financial reward and social recognition.

• People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have Fun!

Personally, I would say that loving whatever you do is always a better advice to follow than doing only what you love. Obviously, the latter part seems rather impractical because not everyone is privileged enough to do that. Motivate your employees to have fun with their work, give them time to play with ideas, tell them to challenge their limits and provide an atmosphere that is conducive to all things creative. If you remember not to micromanage their work and tell them to do the same they will most likely follow through. Remind yourself and your employees that creativity is simply intelligence having fun.

Like we said earlier, if you have any special business secrets, keep them to yourself…but, if you feel like contributing your two cents, feel free to do that. Help other entrepreneurs in finding ways to boost workplace productivity.

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