Walt Disney Quotes
Every adult was once a kid who grew up watching the all-time favorite Disney classics. Disney has always had the hearts of children and grown-ups alike and been ruling the craziest dreams of everyone. Whether it’s Mickey and the gang, The Disney princesses, Hercules, or The lion King to name a few, no one can get enough of the Disney ...
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Employee Surveys

10 Employee Engagement Trends 2018

By Kelvin Stiles , Apr 17 2018
Employee Engagement
How would you feel if you did a job that bores you to death, undermines your true potential, are underpaid and that you’re not passionate about? You’d hate it of course! In fact, it won’t be long before you burn yourself out and then start contemplating about what you’re doing with your life. What you have read above is what most ...
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Facebook Privacy Scandal
It’s always fun to share your life with your friends over social media until you realize that each and every move you’re making is kept under observation – which means no privacy at all. Facebook – with 2.2 billion monthly active users – has encountered an abysmal fall that has affected millions across the globe. It’s all ...
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Friends Online
Relationships along with the social lives of people, have evolved a lot with time. A large contributor of this change is the creation of social media, especially MySpace and later Facebook. This does not mean that traditional friendships no longer exist, but it does mean that online friends have also become a large part of our social circle, just see the ...
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There can’t be many answers to this; and those as well would probably range from it being a social media platform, to a digital pin up board. The CEO and co-founder of network, Ben Silbermann, describes it as a ‘catalog of ideas’. However, nowhere in those explanations would you find, what could be even remotely similar, ...
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Wisdom Bits By Millionaires
It is expected that millionaires will soon be controlling the global economy, due to the rapid rise in their numbers. And rapid it is indeed; did you know that in the coming years around 1,700 millionaires will sprout from amongst the American population each day. Also, Bloomberg reports that by the year 2020, America ...
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