Do’s and Don’ts For Single Ladies To Survive Valentine’s Day

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There was a time when Valentine’s Day conjured fear and fright in the hearts of singles, but not anymore! In fact, some people consider being single a blessing! Now Valentine’s Day isn’t only what people used to think but it can be just as fun for all those single souls as it is for those who are happily hooked up. The following do’s and don’ts will help you savvy individuals to rock your single and ready to mingle self this 14th February and beyond.

1. DO: Wish Your Exes Best Of Luck!

Remember all your exes without whom you couldn’t live? Sounds so silly because you are surviving rather well without them, aren’t you? Let bygones be bygones and wish them all a happy V-Day. You should count your blessings and blow kisses to the cosmos for divine intervention. You weren’t meant to be with them and that is why you are lucky enough to find someone better. 😉

2. DON’T: Feel Apologetic For Yourself!

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and loathing your single status, sort your life out and start practicing random acts of kindness on Valentine’s Day. Go visit your elders and maybe give them cupcakes to make them smile. Show affection to your fellow single girlfriends to cheer up their mood as you aren’t the only one in this situation. Give Valentine’s Day smooches to your pooches and at the end of the day you will be happy about yourself.

3. DO: Hang Out With Your Friends!

Instead of crying into your cosmos invite all your bachelorette pals and spend time with them playing board games or having cocktails. If not that, then throw a decadent dinner party or get pampered with an evening of mani-pedis. Single girls Rock!!!

4. DON’T: Drunk Dial Your Ex!

Getting drunk is okay but getting drunk and dialing your ex-partner‘s number is a big No-No. You don’t want to do something foolish when drunk and regret when you are sober. Even if you feel the urge to text or email them, just turn off all the technology and think straight because a trip down the memory lane won’t do any good!

5. DO: Celebrate Your Singlehood!

So, what if you’re a single? You can enjoy and celebrate your singlehood on Valentine’s Day and let everyone know that being single rocks! Party hard, get drunk and wake up late the next morning, of course, with a hangover! Have a blast of your time because freedom is something that lets you flirt merrily or go anywhere you want without being answerable to anyone.

6. DON’T: Be Ashamed Of Your Single Status!

If, accidentally, you come across your “frenemy” or someone who might make you feel inferior about your single status, all you’ve got to do is summon your self-confidence and let them know at their faces that you are way happier by yourself than having anyone in your arm! Always remember being single allows you to be yourself and that is classy and sassy!

7. DO: Treat yourself, lavishly!

Go ahead; it’s Valentine’s Day, do something fancy for yourself. Buy yourself some flowers or go for a divine massage. Purchase something that you have been longing to own for quite some time, like, maybe those sexy heels you coveted. Splurge without any regrets because, after all, you deserve something extraordinary as well.

8. DON’T: Think of going on a first or blind date:

Even if you find someone cool just before the Valentine’s Day, don’t choose to go out with him on Valentine’s for the very first time! Go to your first date with him in the following week or so because if you set your first date on Valentine’s Day, you will be surrounded by couples making out and cuddling at all places which will only make things awkward and uncomfortable for you! Take it nice and slow so that you feel excited and adventurous about your new partner.

Valentine’s Day isn’t anything to stress about. Different people have different views about this day but no matter what reality hides behind these stories, it is a big deal for both couples and the singles! You might be interested in knowing some interesting Valentine’s Day statistics to find out more about this day and if you are single, you must follow the aforementioned do’s and don’ts and you will certainly end up having a great time with only your fabulous self!

“Happy Valentine’s Day To All Single Souls Out There!”

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