[INFOGRAPHIC] Valentine’s Day: Rocks or Sucks!

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The day of love is about to arrive, but it’s never too late to plan something fun. Are you happily committed to that special someone? If yes, then you must be ready to rock the Valentine’s Day with a romantic date. Make certain that you have something interesting on your mind to celebrate with your sweetheart… I am sure you don’t want to get dumped this loving day! Many couples chose this day to get hooked and celebrate their love. People spend big bucks to get the perfect gift for their true love. However, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to surprise your darling.

While couples enjoy, singles should NOT feel sorry for spending Valentine’s Day alone. With some interesting tips singles can survive the day. You may think that the day sucks as you don’t have any partner to enjoy with. But, just because you are, doesn’t mean nobody loves you. There is nothing odd in spending the day with someone you love THE MOST and that is “yourself!” Being single is relatively easier, cheaper and definitely a better idea.

Valentine’s Day

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