Workplace Trends Of 2017 For An Efficient Workforce

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Workplace Trends

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International Worker’s Day or Labour Day, as it is often called, is just round the corner (1st May). While for most this is good news on its own, considering it’s a public holiday in most countries, however, we have something more for you…

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We’ve compiled all the current workplace trends for you to adopt at your office. The implementation of these trends will not only keep you up to date with other firms, but will also help you achieve workforce efficiency, so stay put!

#1 No More Annual Performance Reviews

Today Annual Performance Reviews are considered inaccurate and inefficient. Therefore, firms are slowly shifting towards more frequent feedback. In fact, some of the larger firms have already made the transition, like Adobe with its ‘Check-In’ system, (which caused a 2% drop in voluntary attrition.) and GE’s ‘Touchponts’.

Annual Performance Reviews Will Be Abolished

#2 Gen Z and Millennials Will Work Together

It will be interesting to see how these two generations, that are the face of our future, work together. While Gen Z will be entering the workforce at the base of their careers, Millennials will be moving to the next step by taking managerial and executive positions.

Gen-Z and Millennials At Work

#3 Blended Workforce Is On The Rise

In less than a decade, the gig economy has resulted in the creation of a new diversity; the collaboration between freelancers and full-time employees.

The Tale Of The Blended Workforce

#4 Tech Takes Over

Workplaces will now boast more automated operations and much more advanced tech. The two main areas of focus will be Virtual Reality and communication. Traditional communication like email, sticky notes and briefings will evolve through the more efficient software systems like Trello, Slack and Basecamp.

Technology and Its Impact on the Workforce

#5 Revising The Employee Benefits

Regarding the effectiveness of employee benefits and their preference by the workforce, companies will revise their strategies. Firms will shift from providing the conventional benefits like standard 401(k) benefits, paid leaves and health insurance; to the more creative ones, like paying off employees’ student loans, conducting yoga classes on campus, sleeping pods and relaxation rooms, gaming areas and of course unlimited food.

Revising The Employee Benefits
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#6 Focusing On Employee And Candidate Experiences

Meeting your employee expectations and keeping up with the workplace trends and benefits, is becoming a need for firms; as is focusing on candidate experience. Simply because, there are certain platforms like Glassdoor where employees and candidates can freely rate and state the experience and all of the company’s benefits, perks and work culture. Thus if you’re employees or interviewees are dissatisfied and write a bad review, not only will your firm get a bad name, but other potential candidates will also be reluctant about applying to your company for a job.

Candidate and Employee Experience

#7 Employee Health And Wellness

Healthy employees mean better quality of work and more productivity. Therefore, aside from the health and exercise workshops, firms are now moving towards wearable tech to monitor employees’ health. Also, they are slowly working to improve flexibility in work timings, no more calls after work or over-time. Instead, in some places they are reducing the required working hours; like in Sweden where people will now work only for 6 hours instead of 8.

Employee Health and Wellness

#8 HR Will Transform Itself

HR decisions like recruiting, talent identification and management will now all be taken on the basis of people analytics and cross-referencing data. For which they will have to focus more on data integration through engagement surveys, exit interviews, etc.

HR Will Transform Itself
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#9 Office Furniture Gets A Makeover

Offices will no longer have the traditional, boring, uncomfortable, and sometimes used furniture. Instead, contemporary furniture will be used, which is designed specifically to provide comfort and to look after employees’ health. An example of this is the sit-stand workstation.

Office Furniture Gets a Makeover
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#10 No More Suits Or Ties

Office attire is becoming more and more casual by the day. Thanks to the Millennials, and now also to the Gen Z, you can go to work in more comfortable clothes.

Office Attire
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