16 Justin Trudeau Quotes To Get You Swooning Like Ivanka Trump

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Justin Trudeau Quotes

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Let’s face it, there is perhaps no one who can escape the unfettered charm of the Canadian Prime Minister. Whether you are a man, a woman, gay, straight or lesbian, you just cannot refute the fact that Justin Trudeau is one hunky politician. Unless you are the five-year old Prince George, who is perhaps the only living being immune to Trudeau. Even the pandas in the image below are all over him.

Justin Trudeau
Source: (Credit Office of the Canadian Prime Minister, via Twitter)

While the rest of the world is stuck with bald, pot-bellied, corrupt and controversial politicians, Canada has a high school teacher turned boxer turned politician. The man is the entire package – looks, intellect, compassion, strength, optimism, unprejudiced views, a sunny personality and tons of charms. All this is enough to leave us jealous and yearning.

We can’t move to Canada, but we can drool over his pictures. However his good looks aren’t the only thing we find attractive… His thoughts and words can sweep you off your feet without him even trying. Just check out his quotes we’ve compiled below and at the end of it, we won’t be the only ones fangirling over him.

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