[INFOGRAPHIC] Easter Facts Highlighting The Impact Of Easter Celebrations!

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Easter Facts

What is Easter according to you?

This question could have an array of different answers, but in order to answer, first we must distinguish how you perceive this event. Ask yourself these questions…

Is Easter just a holiday to you, a day off work? Do you observe it just because of its religious significance? Is it just about candy, chocolate eggs and edible bunnies? Do you think Easter is all about celebrations and the perk of spending the day with your family? Is it an opportunity for small businesses to cash up on festive consumer behavior? Or is it all of the above?

We might not know for sure, what this holiday means to you, however, we can draw a notion about how Easter impacts consumer behavior, spending and how people generally celebrate this holiday.

It was stated by the National Retail Federation, that this Easter, the average consumer spending will increase by 4%. The average customer is expected to spend $152, in comparison to the $146 they spent last year. However, this is just the teaser… For more such facts and statistics, you’ll have to see below!

Easter Facts

After going through these mind-blowing facts, we’re sure you have a clearer picture about the impact of Easter celebrations and the holiday itself. Therefore, let us re-address our earlier question, ‘What is Easter according to you?’ give us your answer in the comments below. Happy Easter!

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