How To Survey: Organizing Survey Questions or Sections

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A high response rate is the main goal of the survey creator because more responses lead to better data and ultimately better insights. Surveys that are easy to fill out get the most responses. When putting together a survey, the designer needs to think carefully about question phrasing, question types, and the order of questions.

These three factors are more important when you opt for pre-designed survey templates. Another trick to maximize response rate is to group similar questions under separate sections. These divisions will lessen survey fatigue and make the survey a breeze to fill.

Once you have come up with suitable questions, simply use an online survey tool to create and distribute your survey. Most of these tools have tons of survey templates that have pre-written questions that you can simply tweak to fit your needs.

Once you have selected a suitable template, you are free to change the questions. This short tutorial will show you how to organize questions and question grouping in SurveyCrest surveys.

Step #1. Create The Questions And Sections

First, create your questions or use one of the pre-designed survey templates.

Create The Questions And Sections

Step #2. Access The Survey Organizer Panel

Locate the small four-sided arrow icon on top of the Survey Editor panel. This is the Survey Organizer icons, click it to open the organizer controls.

Survey Organizer Panel

The Survey Organizer panel will open, from this you can easily reorder and group your questions.

Access The Survey Organizer Panel

Step #3. Reorder Questions/Sections

As you hover over the question a green four-pointed arrow will appear, use it to as a reordering tool. To move a particular question up or down, click and drag it to the desired position. The same method is used to organize the question sections, click, and drag to rearrange the sections.

Reorder Questions/Sections

Step #4. Successful Reordering

After you move a section/question, a green notification bar will appear at the top of the panel. This indicates that your changes have been implemented and saved successfully.

Successful Reordering

That’s it! You have fully customized the question order. Keep reading for more easy-to-follow SurveyCrest tutorials.

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