Entrepreneurs: Say Good Morning to Your Business!

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People say, early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy, but socially dead. They are wrong.

Research conducted by Christoph Randler, a professor of Biology at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, reported that morning people are usually more successful than evening people because as a group, they develop tendency to strictly follow plans and getting things done. This one habit of rising early contributes greatly in the making of a high achiever, and if you need more verification, you should probably go through a recent survey conducted by The Guardian which confirms that an early start is very likely the key to success in the corporate world. Tim Dowling summarizes his own findings in this regard, literally, in just 6 words: 6am is good, but 5am is better.

• Life is too exciting to sleep!

A total of 7 top class CEOs were interviewed for the above mentioned study. Here we present a few more examples you can dig and emulate as an aspiring entrepreneur.

1. Robert Iger – CEO The Walt Disney Company – 4:30 AM

Robert Iger – CEO The Walt Disney Company
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Iger became the CEO in 2005, succeeding Michael Eisner. He once told the New York Times that he wakes up at 4:30 AM every morning. He called it his quiet time while revealing how much he accomplishes through multitasking during those few hours.

2. Donald J. Trump – Chairman The Trump Organization – 5 AM

Donald J. Trump – Chairman The Trump Organization
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Mr. Trump is known as an early riser. He gets up around 5 AM or earlier each morning. He uses the early hours to read the newspaper and gather as many news as possible.

3. Paul Polman – Unilever CEO – 6 AM

Paul Polman – Unilever CEO
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The world famous CEO gets up at 6 AM and uses his time to catch up with some exercise. He uses the treadmill in his office to run. It usually works as a reflection time for him before the day kicks off.

• How does it help?

Well, since a business owner/CEO/ GM spends a rollercoaster life, having a few quiet moments everyday, even if they spend time e-mailing, are truly a bliss. If we closely study the lifestyle and routine of famous and successful personalities, we come to understand how crucial those few hours are to their productive streak.

Various time-management guides are available in the market, but do you think you can change your ways just by reading them? I don’t think so…

What really can help is an understanding of how it contributes toward your progress and achievement?

1. Batteries fully charged up!

When you wake up in the morning, the effects of having some rest are at their peak. Most CEOs don’t sleep for 8-10 hours like others. They hardly manage a 4-6 hour rest which is crucial to get them through the next day. Therefore, early morning is a time when they are at their best energy level which can be enhanced for the rest of the day. In order to make employees smarter, happier, and productive; they must, at first, inspire them by being the same. For example, that is the time when most CEOs do their workouts, catch up on emails, and help their children get ready for the school.

2. Fewer distractions in the morning!

This point goes with the first one actually. Even after a good night’s sleep, one can only enjoy a relaxing hobby when he has enough time and willpower to do it. Once the working hours begin, they would face a multitude of tasks that will occupy their entire day and consume every possibility of doing something meaningful for themselves. Hence, the early hours afford them the luxury of an uninterrupted time of tranquility. Any personal action they might have to delay at 5 PM would hardly be skipped at 5 AM.

• Advice For Future Entrepreneurs:

"If they can do it…so can you! You can do it even better, perhaps!"

If you want to be a successful CEO of a multinational company, then don’t just study your market competition in terms of product or revenue or focus on identifying your core customer base. Start understanding the mindset and routine of its entrepreneur. Observe and implement whatever patterns you find and just believe that you can practice good habits, quit the bad ones, and produce equally astonishing results, eventually.

At least, Sleep should NOT be a hurdle in your way to success.

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