12 Survey Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business (Part I)

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Starting Your Business

You’ve just had an idea for a business and are itching to launch it. There is no time to spare and you can’t wait to set everything up!

Stop. Calm yourself. You might be tempted to sink all of your savings at once, but doing so without assessing its potential is a mistake. Keep in mind, your business hasn’t taken off yet. At this point, you don’t know if your audience might want to pay for the solution you are offering.

Fear not. In a situation such as this, it pays to rely on your own foresight. Survey yourself by asking yourself the right questions. Your answers will let you know whether –

  • Launching your business is feasible
  • Your audience will like it
  • You can still afford to run it

This is YOUR business and no one knows it better than you. Your own foresight can help you assess your business better than anyone else’s opinion.  Plus it won’t cost you anything.

Don’t underestimate the importance of feedback, especially if it is your own. Asking yourself the right questions about your business will give you bird’s eye view of its potential. You can start by these twelve.

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