[INFOGRAPHIC] Hottest Talk of the Town- FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

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FIFA Fever is everywhere. The hype is increasing day by day as the matches are going their way and coming up with different unexpected and shocking results. This year FIFA World Cup has made tremendous advancements and is using latest technology to monitor and record each and every movement made on the field.

This infographic provides all the basic information about 2014 Football World Cup to all those people who don’t even know the ABC of football. It is totally understandable for the layman to grasp what the images are depicting as they are pretty much self-explanatory.

These are some facts about the World Cup being played in Brazil right now and what teams are participating along with the names of the cities and their respective stadiums. Moreover, this infographic shows us the number of matches with the expected attendance that will be present on the matches. The official song and the mascot are well-known all over the world by now as they have gained a lot of popularity. This is World Cup which is available online and can be watched through any device even on the smartphones.

World cup is moving ahead gradually and showing us results which are entirely unexpected because the previous champion Spain lost their first match against Netherlands. This match caught everyone by surprise as the results were jaw-dropping and disappointing for their fans.

Stay tuned till the end of the tournament because the results are surely going to be surprisingly awesome!

Infographic FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

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