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Here is a new treat for the dedicated readers and visitors of SurveyCrest blog: Our brand new Throwback Thursday series. Just to get you acquainted with the idea, we are going to be studying various facts and figures related to anything and everything, ranging from brand recognition to the legalization of certain drugs, entrepreneurial lifestyle to startup failures, etc., that have changed over a certain time period. The topics will be based on things that might help the students, survey makers, researchers, and entrepreneurs in finding the latest relevant data associated to a variety of things.

For our today’s post, I am going to show you what some major global brands are doing in their respective field, how they are influencing the present, past, and future of socio-economic history around the world. Following are five of the biggest corporations that have earned colossal respect and success in their brand establishments over the past few decades. Here is an analysis of how magically figures have evolved and left many others behind. These are the rising brands of 2014 based on the rankings of Interbrand.


Founded on: April 1, 1976

Products: Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, OS X, Apple TV, iLife, iWork

Steve Jobs really just didn’t change the trends of technology usage; he changed lives of common people. No wonder Apple has beaten Coca Cola after 13 years in becoming world leader for the position of the most successful international label. Here is how statistics changed over time:


  • By using clever aesthetics and a simplistic approach, Apple has become the Top Global Brand of Interbrand in2014.
  • With a 28% change in brand worth, the total worth overall is now $98,316m in Technology industry.
  • In the last five years, Mac sales have increased on an average of 15 percent annually, as compared to the PC market in general which grew an average of three percent a year only.
  • iTunes App Store has already met the 50 billion app download mark in less than five years.
  • According to RetailSails research, Apple retail stores are now doing 17 times better than any physical retail store.


Founded on: September 4, 1998

Products: Web-based Products, Operating Systems, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, Hardware, Other Services

The company has now so many services and products to offer that any person using the internet or technology is bound to be using one or the other of its offerings.


  • According to eMarketer research, Google now controls about one-third of all online advertising spending.
  • The brand worth has increased more than 34 per cent with about $93,291m in overall worth.
  • Consumers feel that Google pays attention to what they like or dislike, that is why, the overall sentiment for the brand is positive.
  • The company also remains one of the world’s best places to work with loads of perks, encouragement, and freedom to explore innovative ideas for the employees.


Founded on: July 1994

Products: The Book Depository, Appstore, Instant Video, Instant Video German, Instant Video UK, Game Studios, Kindle, Lab 126, Studios, Woot

It’s been two decades now that we have been enjoying the services of this e-commerce innovator who is ambitious to deliver the most extensive variety of products to choose from as seamlessly as possible for the customers.


  • Amazon Appstore provides distinctive services to global consumers by offering a wholesome mobile experience.
  • Last year alone, the purchases done by customers reached a record 3.5 billion items.


Founded on: February 4, 2004

Products: Subsidiaries such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus VR

Facebook needs no introduction. It is officially the biggest riser in this year’s Best Global Brands report. Here is how it happened:


  • The fear of loss of engagement and concerns over Facebook’s ad model were evaporated in the Q2 2013 with 51 per cent users joining Facebook and the rise in mobile ad revenue.
  • The Facebook stock price shot up more than 30 per cent with a 53 per cent revenue bump in the second quarter of 2013.
  • Facebook enjoys a steady growth of 45 to 50 million new users every quarter since Q3 of 2011.


Founded on: 1913

Products: Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Watches, Perfumes, Wines, Cell Phones, Spirits

Miuccia Prada, the chairperson and lead designer of Prada brand said: “if people take money out of their pockets, it means that what you are doing is relevant to them. I hope they don’t just buy because there is a logo but because the object is relevant to them.” And the object(s) have been relevant to Prada lovers all over the globe for a centennial now.


  • The brand now has over 460 stores around the world.
  • Prada is ever-expanding and most importantly adhering to its motto of “moving beyond”. Its new ambitions relate to incorporating digital and physical touchpoints to improve customer engagement.

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