Rising NEETs In America!

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For any nation it is seriously alarming to have a high rate of unemployment. This is a severe concern and one must think strategically to eradicate the factors helping the rise. The United States of America is going through a high percentage of NEETS (aka Neither Employed nor in Education of Training). Youngsters are not getting employed in different parts of the state. It should be taken care of. On the contrary, there are some definite reasons which are giving rise in the increased number of NEETS.

Who Are The American Neets?

Where Are The Neets?

This should be eliminated on immediate basis to increase the productivity and development of the state. Education plays a vital role in the development of a nation, which results in positively on the growth of the country. Let’s explore why millions of youngsters are falling under NEETs and exactly what millennials want?

Here is a detailed analysis on NEETs which included, who they are, from where they belong and the possible reasons for this.

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